Wednesday, May 13, 2015

10 Year Anniversary

The ten year high school reunion is a huge "thing" in American culture.  There are movies about it (I love Romy and Michelle!) makeover shows dedicated to it and weight loss efforts directed toward it.  Some people love to shun it, saying they don't care what anyone from high school is doing.  Other people, although it kind of is a stereotype and I don't know anyone who is really this way, want to go to show off how good they look or how rich they are.  I went to mine as most people from small classes do because small town reunions are rarely the fancy ballroom parties with hundreds of people present that are depicted in movies.  They are just fun!  And my generation has social media, so now we know what everyone else is doing and what they look like which takes away the pressure

There is another ten year milestone that no one ever speaks of, even though, arguably, it is a much bigger, costlier, more challenging deal. Today marks ten years since I graduated from college.   I suppose a college graduation milestone isn't as recognized because who is in your "class" is not as defined and a friend or classmate that you are close with might not graduate with you.  I figured out the day when May rolled around and I realized that it is 2015, and I graduated in 2005. I looked at an old 2005 calendar online and yes indeed, it was a Friday the 13th that my roommate's boyfriend (now husband) dropped us off outside the dome for our ceremony.  It was a disappointingly cold day, in the 40s, and we didn't want to bring coats because there was no where to put them so we wrapped our robes around our sundresses like coats and bolted for the door. Inside was a sea of strangers and friends in black robes who we whispered with and waved to during the several hours long ceremony.  Cell phone technology was not what it is today, so there were no pictures or online updates from the floor like there would be today, ten years later. 

Here is the professional photo that was taken right after exiting the stage (I think, I don't really remember!) which I purchased a small package of even though they were way overpriced.  I'm glad I did though because I want future generations to remember that I ever looked like this.  There aren't enough cosmetics in the world to replicate the youthful look of a real 22 year old, that is for sure.

Sigh, these photos bring up many thoughts about the directions I went from that day on.  I often wonder what I could have and should have done instead of what I did do but those thoughts can make a person plunge into dark places and I don't have time for reflection these days.  Just since writing this post I've been interrupted five times by Ben wanting candy, (I hid it and said it was gone even though I was eating some and he stared at my mouth full of chocolate for a few extra seconds...I think he knew!) juice, for me to turn on Curious George, for another snack after he was denied the candy and to ask me to clean up his Duplos that he dumped everywhere (I didn't help). 
During my younger college years, each semester was highlighted by the delightful phenomenon of graduation parties at the Holiday Inn.  The Holiday Inn in Fargo has a huge poolside and party area surrounded by rooms and for some reason they had no problem with people reserving rooms and wheeling in kegs each December and May.  People packed the place and mingled around as kids in swimming suits ran through the chaos.  I knew where RM and I had to have our party and another KD friend of ours also had her party there and there was a room of AGRs (Justin's friends and our neighbors) that also had a room there and we got the front desk to move our rooms all next to each other the week before graduation.  The receptionist gave a half-a$$ed lecture about how these rooms were not supposed to be used for huge parties and drinking even though she knew they would be and did what I wanted anyway without a fight. 
There is the date on the cake, May 13, 2005!  That dress I have on was a size that will never be seen in my house again, except maybe in my kids' drawers with a "T" after it.  The bottom picture is in front of KD, where so many other graduates have posed through the years.  The composite photos with our faces on them have probably been long demoted to the dorm hallways but part of that house will always be with me! 
So, on this boring date of Wednesday the 13th, 2015, as I sit with my damp post afternoon shower hair, trying to do my computer related business and leisure tasks between constant questions and pestering from a three year old, that I remember that day.  I don't know where my robe even is.  My sister wore it and then I think it was lost in the sorority community pool of special occasion garb and costumes. I paid the overpriced Jostens fee for the benefit of many.  I do have that medal, however. It was for an honor society I was in.  Maybe I will wear it around the house for the rest of the day, like a weirdo.  I have to point out that I only missed cum laude by one tenth of a point and after all the finals were calculated I think I did indeed have a 3.5 gpa.  SO CLOSE to having a gold honors medal like Ashley!  My 400 level classes were nothing to brag about in the difficulty department, let me tell you.  I didn't care enough to look into if I could have it added afterwards or if it did get added afterwards because I was going to law school so who cares, right?  Maybe I will look at my transcript later if I can remember how to find it.  I bet the old website is obsolete anyway. 
Update:  I just looked it up and honors are awarded based on gpa at the time of commencement:
Recognition in the commencement program is based on coursework that is completed and graded at the time of the ceremony. Courses that are in progress and not yet accessible online (via Campus Connection) are not included.

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