Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Clothes I Love to Hate

I remember back in 2011 in the early months of my first pregnancy.  I ordered some maternity clothes and when they came I couldn't believe how huge they were and I couldn't imagine the day when those tent-like garments would fit me.  I don't remember when I went full maternity that first time.  I remember wearing some maternity jeans at the end of September because I was going on a car trip and wanted to be comfortable which would have made me about four months along so I guess maybe it wasn't as long of a wait as I thought but I recall wearing my usual t-shirts well into November. 
After struggling to find appropriate looking clothing in my normal wardrobe for a few weeks and finally deciding to draw the line on the circulation inhibiting jeans I decided to do what I've been avoiding and I went to the basement and found the box of maternity clothes! 
I was excited because the assortment now also contains everything my sister bought last summer when she was pregnant and due in August.  I knew she had a cute pair of jeans and a few pairs of shorts.  Well, of course they are too small so I am still left with the same old crap.  Too bad I don't have a job since she added several pairs of dress pants that I will probably just wear around the house because maternity jeans are so bad.  It doesn't matter if you get them from your favorite store.  It doesn't matter! 
It's going to be a long 5-6 months before wearing my old jeans again.  Well, realistically it could be months longer than that! 

Look what else I found in the box! 

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