Thursday, April 2, 2015


Yesterday afternoon I was hurrying through Target when I noticed that one dozen eggs were 99 cents.  For the past few years I have just left the Easter egg dying for a visit to my parents house so I am not dealing with toddler mayhem by myself.  But for some reason, I saw those eggs, and I remembered the clearance PAWS kit that  bought a few years ago that was in the box of Easter decorations and I decided I wanted to dye eggs...TONIGHT!

As soon as we got home I started boiling the eggs.  I don't like hard boiled eggs so I don't really know the specifics about boiling them.  What I have learned is that you put the eggs in the water and then start boiling them.  I learned this the first time I boiled eggs in my apartment in law school.  I boiled the water and then put the eggs in and they all cracked!  It was bad.  But I successfully boiled these only to realize how long it takes them to cool.  Poor Ben.  He was going crazy. 

But was time to mix up the dye.  The sizzle of those little tablets as the vinegar is poured over them and the smell of vinegar in general has been part of Easter for me since I can remember.  My grandma even managed to ship us egg dying kits when we lived overseas in a country that didn't have store shelves full of Easter decorations and candy every year. 


Those are pretty nice!  I really love using those shrink wrap sleeves but with only 12 eggs I didn't want to take any away from Ben. 
Oh, what else...a few nights ago I removed this tiniest of tiny legos from Ben's nose with this tweezer!

All of a sudden I heard him crying and I was in another room so I assumed he had fallen and hit his nose but after the usual toddler post injury fuss should have passed he was still upset and kept picking at his nose.  When he said something about "stuck" I almost panicked, wondering how I was going to manage getting him to the emergency room late in the evening with Tessa already sleeping for the night.  Before I headed to the window to see which of my neighbors still had lights on I shined a light up his nostril and saw something up there.  I told him not to touch his nose again and ran for tweezers and he was so scared he just stood there.  Poor guy.  Fortunately I was able to quickly extract the lego without shoving it farther up or anything.  Crisis averted. 

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