Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tie Breaker

In my last post I was going on and on about a famous baby, one I will never meet and will only see in official photos released by the monarchy but there is news of another baby's not so imminent arrival:

Yes, as most of you probably already know we are having a third baby!  He or she is due in October and I am about 15 weeks along. 
I planned this Easter egg announcement over Easter and of course it didn't go as planned.  I dyed the first name eggs and Tessa broke hers the next day before I could take a picture.  It was in a basket on a table and she still managed to get it and break it. Then I tried again at my parents' house and my mom didn't have an egg dye kit so instead of the clear wax crayon  that works perfectly for writing hidden messages on eggs I had to use a white Crayola and it didn't work quite as well but I think the message is clear! 
The pregnancy has been fine and pretty agreeable like the other two with minimal symptoms.  We don't know what we are having yet and are so far undecided about if we are going to find out.  We now just have some logistical issues such as room sharing and car seat arranging we have to figure out. 
Ben kind of gets it but I think he very confused by the concept of a "tiny baby that has to grow and the doctor will help it come out".  Tessa just likes babies in general but has no concept about our baby or as she says, "Baybaybaybaybeeeee!"

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