Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Blue and Green

My sister bought Tessa this cute headband at a vendor show.  The whole purpose of this post is to show pictures of her in the headband since she has a shirt that matches perfectly and it might not fit much longer.  So here you go.  If you are waiting for a funny story or observation this probably won't be the post to find those things!  

I took these in her room yesterday morning.  They were OK but I knew I wanted to take some outside later in the day. 
Speaking of outside, look!  Green things!  
Those are irises! I hope they bloom with beautiful flowers like our irises at the old house did!  Bulbs and some scraggly grass are pretty much the only green vegetation around here so far and it is not because spring hasn't arrived.  There was hardly any snow this winter and the ground is red flag warning dry.  The day these pictures were taken there was a grass fire blazing about five miles away from us!  Then it flared up again yesterday!  I haven't heard anything in the news today so I assume it's under control today but the wind is blowing so who knows what will happen. 

I didn't plan it, but with the yellow ball, both kids wearing royal blue and the yellow on the headband I realized I had a nice color story happening.  However, all attempts to get a decent picture of both kids was a bust.  But you can kind of see the connection between the pictures.  I was mostly trying to get some cute pictures of Tessa in her headband.  I really wish the grass had been bright green but nothing will help that but rain. 

Silly baby.

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