Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Royal Baby Patrol

Is anyone else just sooo excited for the newest royal baby to arrive?  I can't believe how exciting some of the royal stuff is, even though I'm not British.  Actually, all royals are interesting to me especially since I was able to see some of the royal palaces and properties of Scandinavia when I was studying abroad. 

Those tiny people are the Norwegian Royal Family!  The little white dot is a baby, the prince Sverre Magnus and there is a toddler girl up there too, the future queen Ingrid Alexandra.  This is what he looks like today, or I guess according to the Royal House of Norway website, as of 2013. 

Prince Sverre Magnus 2011 (Foto: Lisa Røstøen - Fotografix Studios)

And this is the princess.


And of course, there had to be an album of the whole family skiing!  They are Norwegian after all!



This palace was in Denmarck.  It is called Rosenborg Castle. 

This place hasn't been used as a home for any royals since 1801.  It was built as a summer residence back in the 1600s.  I guess it is just too impractical and huge to use as a normal house.  Imagine that.  It is a museum now, with lots of royal artifacts on the first floor.  I don't know what is on the other floors.  I can't even imagine.  The Royal Treasury with the crown jewels is located here.  There is a movie from 2004 called "The Prince and Me" starring Julia Styles about a college student who meets the prince of Denmark and falls in love with him before finding out he is a prince.  Some of the Denmark scenes are shot at the palaces around Copenhagen and there is even a scene where Julia's character goes into the treasury with the queen to pick some jewels to wear for a party!  I love seeing exotic movie locations and saying "I've been there!" 

Well, anyway, back to the Royal family that the whole work cares about.  I have a CNN app on my phone that alerts me with headlines and every time one pops up I get excited only to have to be informed about other U.S. and world news.  Did you know that the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency will soon step down according to U.S. officials?  Or that the Pope has accepted the resignation of a Kansas City Bishop due to a failure to report child abuse?  Or that significantly more people in the U.S. say the economy is good than poor according to a CNN poll?  All alerts from today, and none of them involve a baby!  Ugh. 

According to sources (also known as gossipy traitor friends) the due date for the baby is April 25.  I thought I read somewhere that the "books" had most of the bets on April 21st which is today!  I can't find the article to confirm that though.  Today is also Queen Elizabeth's 89th birthday.  I don't think anything is happening today though.  Also, I read in that same article that everyone is betting on the baby being a girl.  I think that might just be wishful thinking.  Hurry up baby!  Bored people everywhere need a diversion from their mundane lives!

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