Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sliding Maniac

We headed out to our (aka MY) favorite toddler oriented playground in town last night now that the ground is officially dry to the point of fire weather warnings on my weather.com app.  It was fun to get back to the old warm weather routine although it wasn't without the usual toddler B.S. including Tessa repeatedly taking off in all directions, Ben getting knocked over by Tessa's baby swing twice in a row after repeated warnings to stay clear of the swing and having to drag Ben to the car mid tantrum when I decided we had to leave.  I did manage to capture this cute video though. 
She is a little one year old wild woman!  She really loves sliding.  Most kids her age love to swing but she didn't really want to swing.  She was just staring at the slides the whole time.  She does this head first thing at the Y too.  They have an indoor playhouse with a slide and she has been going down head first for a few months.  I love watching her but I also instinctively cringe after years of lifeguarding and having to fight with kids over breaking the feet first rule on the water slide!  There is no denying which way is more fun!  Head first!  Rules sure are a buzzkill!

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