Monday, September 15, 2014

It's That Time Again!

Football/tailgating season is upon us again.  As my sister and I drove along 19th Ave. toward the dome on Saturday and saw the NDSU flags flying over the parking lot it almost felt like we had just been there although the last playoff game was in December.  After finding a parking spot somewhere in West Fargo we arrived at "The Huddle" where Justin and Ben had been tailgating for a few hours already. 

I admit that I had a lot of apprehension about having both kids at the game all day but, at least for the day, it went better than I anticipated.  Ben has grown up since last year and was agreeable to being pulled around in a wagon for much of the day.  He also (gasp) ate a full meal.  Tessa seemed slightly overstimulated but didn't react in the usual baby way of screaming and having a meltdown and instead looked to be in a daze and eventually fell asleep while drinking a bottle.  Neither of them pooped during tailgating. Yes!  I hope the weather stays nice for at least a few more weekends so they can enjoy the experience.  I'm really looking forward to the future when they can be part of the pack of kids that is always tumbling around and playing ball in the ditch between the lots. 

Here are a few pictures. 

My dad took Ben walking and they visited some friends who had green cupcakes as you can see from Ben's face.

Yes, this photo is proof that Justin survived his Alaska trip!
The tailgating portion ended with chaos as a gust of wind sent our tent flying over the trailer.  It was like that time I went to We-Fest and there was bad weather the 2nd to last night and our screen tent/shade for drinking complex went airborn and ended up mangled over a fence. I don't think it's getting fixed...


A nice break on the changing platform in the bathroom!  Tessa currently loves all things bathroom and toilet related so this was perfect!

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