Monday, September 8, 2014


I've never been the kind of parent who lists her kids' ages down to the month, at least after a certain point.  Of course, in the early days I count the weeks as they pass.  I admit that I lost track of Tessa's "week birthdays" much faster than I did of Ben's.  And of course between the ages of one and two kids change so much and there is such a huge difference from month to month that I would refer to his month age.  But since he has turned two I usually just say he is two when people ask or say that he turned in March.  This weekend we visited my sister and new cousin Claire and she turned one month old on the 7th and that is Ben's day too!  I figured out that he is 30 months old, which means he is two and a half!  Wow! 

We took their picture together that day. 

We actually got a few good shots of all three of them together before Tessa took off.  On Ben's half birthday, he still loves tractors and trains and all sorts of vehicles, he is always on the lookout for the garbage and mail trucks around town and he loves to watch movies including Frozen, Finding Nemo and The Land Before Time.  He loves to eat...uhhhh...chips and cookies?  Sorry, it's the truth.  And I am amazed every day at the verbal explosion that is happening as his vocabulary continues to grow.  I think it's safe to say that he can hold a conversation!  He can tell me what he wants!  He has certain favorite books memorized and says the lines before I read them! It's wonderful to behold.  He is still in diapers and I am gearing up for another attempt at the three day training method, but it has to happen on a weekend when Justin is here to help me and the weather is not beautiful which were the downfalls of the last attempt.  He loves "hold Tesssaaaaa" and lumber around carrying her in front of his body.  She thinks this is a normal interaction and laughs as I come to her rescue. 
Here is a Justin update.  This is what the map of his location from two days ago looks like.  It appears that they are still rafting and have been stopping on islands.  I'm sure it's like that time I went on a canoe trip down the Missouri River with my friends from law school and we camped on an island with a sandy beach, grilled hot dogs and played bocce ball with cases of beer strategically placed around the camp.  Or not...
OK, that was a short post but I have to get outside and do something.  I had a screen shot of my app but I noticed it had our address on it so I deleted it but the point was that today, Monday, it is currently 86 degrees and tomorrow and for the rest of the week the high temp is in the 50s.  Blaaaaahhh.  I should be on the deck soaking of the final days of summer heat.  I don't even know what Ben has for jeans and pants that fit.  I know he doesn't have any new ones, and he has several pairs from his cousins but I have to find the ones that will fit and I also think I am making a trip to Old Navy tonight.  And socks...he hasn't worn them for what seems like months. This came on way too soon.

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