Saturday, September 27, 2014

Miss T. Margaret

As you know, Tessa's middle name is Margaret.  It is my mom's middle name and she was named after her grandmother who died young (well, youngish...she had fourteen kids first and lived to see one grandchild, my uncle. But she still had kids in elementary school at home.)  I recall when I was younger that my mom never seemed very crazy about her middle name.  But now, some old names are cycling back into popularity again and I know of a few young babies with Margaret as a first name.  And, as everyone in the world knows, Prince William and Princess Kate are having another baby and I read an article about royal name speculation that Margaret is a front runner in the odds!  They probably won't us it, at least as a first name, since who wants to do what everyone expects, but that baby will have many middle names so maybe there will be a princess named Margaret pretty soon! 

Margaret has also made an appearance in a place more relevant to my fabulous life...on the PBS show "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood".  "Daniel Tiger" is an animated spin off of "Mr. Rogers". I guess no one could imagine a PBS without his influence.  I know I appreciate this show.  The "It's a Beautiful Day" melody is still used, and the characters are the children of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood characters like King Friday.  They ride a trolley around and talk about their feelings alot.  This fall, when the new TV season kicked off, it was announced that...wait for it...Daniel Tiger's mom was pregnant!

PBS really had a good idea with this theme since only toddlers and preschoolers watch this dull show and many of it's viewing demographic is probably one, two and three year olds with pregnant mothers who were doing pretty good with not placing their kids in front of the TV until they got pregnant and were so tired me sit on the couch and drink my allocation of the love...of...god...

I wouldn't know about that myself since I don't do that but it's just a guess...

Anyway, there was a special one hour episode where Daniel was told he was getting a baby brother or sister and worked through the emotions of giving up his baby stuff and accepting that he was not the only kid in the family anymore.  And then...the baby was born!

It was a girl and they named her...Margaret!  I was so excited when I heard that.  Yes, I just admitted to being on the edge of my seat over a PBS preschool TV show. 

Here are a few pictures of our T. Margaret from this week.

It is kind of early for Halloween but this sleeper was a hand me down and I'm not sure if it will fit her by the real Halloween and it's so cute I had to get some use out of it. 

Unlike her mother, I think she looks nice in orange!

Although we put away our baby bouncy chair months ago she couldn't help but be interested in her cousin's chair!

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