Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Change of Scenery

At this time last week, I was gazing upon this beautiful panorama.  There were awe inspiring views in all directions and at every elevation. 
Today, I find myself looking upon this panorama...
Yes, that is a picture frame on the floor under a baby puzzle and laying on top of Ben's jacket.  Yes, that is a swiffer (a very good tool for fishing cat and baby toys out from under the furniture!). 
Yes, that is an easter basket spilling plastic eggs all over the floor.
Yes, those are the couch pillows which are ALWAYS on the floor for some reason.  And yes, that is the outgrown baby car seat.

Holy crap, what a hell hole.  And you think, "just pick that stuff up! It's not that hard!"  No, it isn't hard, but it would be a waste of time because as soon as Mr. Wild Man wakes up it will all be turned upside down again. 
I don't want to be uptight about a mess or anything.  I know kids are just like that.  I knew families growing up where we would be playing and we had barely finished playing the game or building the fort or whatever and the parents were already on the kids about picking up the mess.  That is no fun.  But I will be glad when this "throw everything everywhere without discrimination" phase is over.  A picture frame is not that fun kid!  I don't get it!

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