Monday, March 11, 2013

Birthday Pics

Here are some pictures from Ben's birthday celebrations!  We had a small party with just the three of us on Thursday and Ben's Nana and Grandpa visited for the weekend so we had another one!  
I told Justin to stop at a grocery store and buy a cupcake or something after work on Thursday so we could let Ben smash it and smear it all over his face and he came with this little monster cake!   


He really wasn't interested in eating cake!  I wasn't surprised since he's not really interested in eating in general!  That frosting was very bright!  It turned my whole mouth blue after a few bites and stained our hands where we touched it!  Yuck!

How do you like my decorations?  Fancy, huh?!
For the weekend, I decided that I would try to make a "shape" cake like my mom used to make when I was young.  My siblings and I had many shapes over the years.  She even made my dad a red SUV to match my dad's work vehicle back in the 80s. 
I looked through a book and on the Internet for ideas and finally decided to try a cat shape because it looked easy for a first try.  And of course, the cat would look like Allan! 

I adjusted the food coloring until it made the perfect shade of orange.  Red food coloring looks like blood doesn't it?
Here are a few old cake photos...I tried to move them to the proper spot but it is not a very user friendly blogger function so I decided to leave them! 

Mr. Bunny was a popular choice!

That is a butterfly if you couldn't tell.  This was when we lived in Yemen and you can see that it is colored with sprinkles.  I am guessing food coloring was not easy to obtain!
So, back to the present...

I managed not to destroy the cakes while cutting the pieces!

The finished product!  I tried to match Al's markings including the swirls on his sides and the white tip on his tail! 

Ben is saying, "Mother thank you so much for the time you spent making that cake for me!  I TOTALLY get it!"

Ben with his Nana and Grandpa. 

Present time!  I guess this party ended up cat themed!  Fine with me! 

Once again, he wasn't too interested in his cake.  The adults enjoyed it though! 

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