Friday, March 15, 2013

Vacation TIme

Tomorrow morning is the start of my favorite yearly's time for Big Sky!  I can't help but remember how delerious I was last year with a 3 week old Ben on the trip.  I tried to remember details of the trip and I honestly have very few memories.  Probably because I was getting four hours of interrupted sleep each night.  To say that I am looking forward to this trip as my old self is an understatement.  By Sunday evening I will be seeing this view! 

What a sight to behold! 
I am really excited to use my new skis that Justin gave me for Christmas.  I got my first pair of skis when I was fourteen and as everyone else in the family has purchased new equipment I have used my old ones year after year (how often do they get used anyway?).  They are scratched and scuffed and have never caused me a problem but they are being retired for these!
I love hte pretty gold and sliver accents!  Because, you know, prettiness is the best indicator of how a piece of equipment will perform! 
I have been trying and not succeeding all week to prepare for the trip by digging out my ski clothes and making packing lists but here it is, Friday, and I have done nothing except find my snow pants.  Ben was not going to make this easy!  I had big plans for yesterday but he decided to nap for one hour instead of three and so my plans were derailed. 
Here he is in my favorite hat!  OK, I must go...he is sleeping now and it's my last chance to get ready for the trip!

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