Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Dia De Los Muertos and All Saints Day everyone!  I can't believe it is November.  I have alot to get done around the house today and I need to get to Target and the mall to scope out the Halloween clearance and I already spent alot of internet time putting photos on Facebook so this will be light on writing and mostly about the pictures! 
We carved a pumpkin on Tuesday night.  Justin did the tedious part of cleaning it and I carved it while he cleaned the slime off the seeds, which I then roasted and ate most of.  There seems to be an imbalance here...

Not surprisingly, Ben didn't give a crap about anything that was going on. 

We have one of those carving kits with the stencils you can use to carve impressive looking pumpkins and I started to do one but I got too lazy and decided to go the traditional route!  I love him!  I think he looks perfect and classic!  I also loved playing with my camera settings to capture the glow!

Ben had this cute Halloween outfit from his second cousins Trevor and Colt that we have been able to enjoy this month.  It was hard for me to resist buying a new one because they are so cute but I stopped myself and just used this one!  It says "I want candy" on it! 

Here we are on Halloween night!  Can you see Allan in the window on the right?

Ben and his new buddy. 

Justin has been trying to control the leaves in our yard and it has been hard because he is pretty busy and I can't do anything about it with Ben around so the front yard looks good but the back still is full of leaves.  Fortunately, the leaves provided a photo opportunity!

Of course, a leaf went right in the mouth!

He was kind of annoyed by this!

I bought Allan a pumpkin costume on clearance right after we got him and it is the biggest waste of time ever to get him to wear it every year.  As these photos show, this year is about as successful as we have ever been at keeping it on his head long enough to take some pictures!

He is in love with his costume!  Haha right...

We didn't get many trick or treaters this year which was kind of dissapointing to me because I bought alot of candy.  I started giving out handfulls as the night went on.  There were very few little kids in the early evening and more "middle school punk" type kids later on.  I actually don't mind the older kids as long as they are dressed up and seem to be having fun.  I liked trick or treating when I was in the older grades and I know I went with my friends when we were in 7th grade.  I think it is a more wholesome activitiy than many things kids that age can engage in.  And one pack of pre-teens was very complimentary of Allan's cuteness when they saw him lounging in the window so I was generous with their candy!  I don't know why we didn't get many kids.  I noticed that there weren't many houses with the invitational porch light turned on on our block so maybe that's why people skipped it.  Or maybe everyone went to the "rich neighborhoods" with bigger houses.  Or maybe it is because our street is busy.  Who knows.  I was glad to give candy to those that came! 

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