Monday, November 12, 2012

It Went So Fast!

This weekend was the last regular season NDSU football game and tailgating session!  It is hard to believe how fast the weekends fly by.  I wait all summer for it to start and all of a sudden its November.  Sigh...

We ended it with a fun tailgate party, that is for sure!  All season, different people have been taking turns making the major food contributions for the group.  After a fish fry, omelets in bags, walking tacos and several grilled cuts of meat it was our ("our" referring to Justin and I, my sister and brother-in-law, my cousin and her husband, and my parents) turn and we provided pulled turkey for sandwiches, cheesy hashbrowns, beans, pumpkin cheesecake desert (my contribution!) and alcohol laced pudding shots.  It was also the tailgating contest with prizes for tailgating rig, food, setup, and bison pride.  We didn't win but it was fun to get join in the fun.

I was worried because there was a freezing rain/blizzard/winter weather event forecasted for the weekend.  Fortunately, in Fargo it ended up being just rain although West and North of Fargo it was worse.  I came home to a foot of snow last night!  YIKES!  Tailgating was fine because we have a good tent set up with heaters so it wasn't bad at all!

Here is our pudding shot table...the cornucopia was my idea and on Friday night I went on the hung for one!  A horn of plenty is kind of hard to find!  Now I will have one for my thanksgiving collection!  And interesting note about the brother in law apparently was listening to a radio show this morning and the tailgating judges were being interviewed...or something...I'm not sure what he was listening to exactly...but they mentioned the pudding shots!  Hehe!  They are a fine way to consume spirits!

Ben and Grandma and his beloved beads!  Don't worry...he is always supervised when playing with them...


All bundled up...such a change from that first 90 degree tailgate back in September!
Ben has experienced his first of many footbal seasons!  It wasn't always as fun having him out with us, but for the most part he has been very good!  They main problem is that he generally doesn't eat on these days which drives me crazy.  But, can't be forced!
I recieved this picture during the game of Ben with his buddy Andy.  Of course, he is moving so fast that he is nothing but a blur! 
In his own silent world...
Ben with Dada and Nana after the game.
I should mention that it is likely that a playoff game will end up in Fargo so chances are the season is not quite over yet but I don't want to take it for granted only to be disappointed if it doesn't work out!

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