Monday, November 26, 2012


Here I am, back at home after a fun long weekend...Normally I would be dragging out my Christmas decorations and going crazy but now I have to wait for assistance or a sleeping baby to get that done.  Ben is occupied with my old Dell laptop from high school so I have been frantically catching up on Internet business all morning.  And no, I am not referring to "Cyber Monday" shopping!  I really am answering emails, checking accounts, and doing actual important tasks!
We had two Thanksgiving dinners this year which is always a fiasco of gluttony and excess.  Lunch was at my parents house and supper was at Justin's parents house.  Both were small gatherings with a few relatives present but different from the 20+ person gatherings that have happened in the past. 
Here are a few pictures... 
Ben and Uncle Pete and Uncle Pete's very nice hood drawstrings!  Oooooooh!

Watching football.

I sat around all morning eating snacks (see that bowl of olives?  I ate most of them!) and having a can of full calorie Coca Cola, which I only drink on special occasions, and a few glasses of wine.  That little wine class charm was a project we made on Thanksgiving a few years ago!

Ben's first Thanksgiving...a dinner of puffs and a few samples of other foods.  Who gave him a pea?  He looks skeptical. 

Ben and Great Grandma Phyllis.

My mom made a pumpkin roll instead of pie.  I love this dessert!  I haven't had it in years.  I tried to make it myself once and it was a mess.  You bake the cake part and then roll it up in a towel to shape it and then unroll it and add the cream cheese filling.  I was lost at rolling a cake up in a towel...this one was perfect though!

Ben's Nana and Grandpa's house in Grand Forks has an expanse of wood floor that is perfect for a speedy baby to practice his sprint crawling...

It also has two medium sized flights of stairs that are perfect for climbing!  I have a video of him climbing the whole flight (with Justin supervising, of course,) but it is kind of boring and long.

Hey, be polite!
Since our wedding, Justin's mom has kept the top of our wedding cake in their freezer.  We never got around to eating it on our first anniversary and it has been jostled in the freezer over the years.  It accidentally defrosted and then was refrozen a few weeks ago so she suggested we decide what to do about it. 

Mmmm...yummy!  We decided to have a few bites and then part with it. 

The frosting tasted OK but the cake was not very good.  It was very dry and flavorless.  I guess I wasn't expecting much after five years!  It brought back the memories of choosing that cake and going to the fabric store to pick out that ribbon a few days before the wedding when I was so tired of planning and details I was ready to just tell everyone to do whatever they wanted...because I didn't care!  I think I made a nice choice!
I couldn't resist looking back...when I saw this picture I hardly remembered taking it!  We made our grand entrance and were hussled over pose with the cake (apparently) and this was the result!  Nice...I like it...we used my parents' cake topper and Justin's parents' engraved cake knife.  This picture makes me want to go back to 2007 and pin back that stray hair on my forehead!

It was a good weekend of food, family, stale cake, hot tubbing in a farm shop with a dusty combine nearby, a teething baby (I won't go into details, but he was generally crabby for most of the weekend even though he looks happy in the pictures) and Christmas decorating. 

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