Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shower Weekend

This weekend I had two baby showers!  Yeaaahhh presents!  Meanwhile, Justin was with his friends at Lake of the Woods.  We hardly gave each other a thought all weekend!  Both of us had a blast with our pals. 

On Saturday my favorite roommate (Ashley) and my sister hosted a shower at Roommate's house.  Our friends from through the years were in attendance.  My favorite gift was this diaper bag.

Diaper bags can be a challenge because many of them are really dowdy and babyish.

Winnie The Pooh Diaper Bag
 Or...they are high fashion and expensive...

 This one is ONLY $325.00...

So...the one I got from my lovely friends and sister is from the company Petunia Pickle Bottom.  I am not crazy about that name but I love the products.  Check out the website...

That wasn't the only excitement...instead of a card everyone brought a childhood storybook to write a message in.  Now we have the start to a library!

Notice that orange plush thing on the chair...that is a cat pillow chum "Allan"/my sister gave me.   He will be back later in the post. 

Did I mention that Roommate is also pregnant?  Haha!  Don't we look "glowing" and maternal!  It is her second so she actually knows what she is doing.

On Sunday Justin's mom and my sisters-in-law hosted a shower.  My sister-in-law Kelsey is also pregnant!  

 It was a great weekend and everyone was very generous.  This is getting very real!  AAAhhhh!!! Only two more weeks until I am considered full term and after that anything could happen!  Yikes!  And we still don't have a crib!  AWESOME!  I think we are going to get one tonight...

There were several stuffed toys among the gifts from this weekend and guess who decided they were his right away...

He really wanted to play with this duck!  I eventually hid it from him so it didn't get hurt!

Yes, that is the pillow pet!  It is about twice his size but that didn't seem to matter!

Look at all that stuff!  That is just from Sunday (minus the duck). 

And...none for Allan!

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I love the one with allan and the pillow chum!!