Friday, January 13, 2012

More Texas

As promised, this is the continuation of the Texas post from a few days ago.  Justin and his travel friends started driving back early on Sunday morning my flight didn't leave until Monday so I was able to see some sights in Dallas.  After dropping my aunt and uncle off at the airport and eating lunch (and trying to shop but finding that Texas has similar Sunday morning shopping laws as ND) we took our rental car to downtown Dallas to see the Sixth Floor Museum.  If you didn't know, this museum is dedicated to John F. Kennedy and the museum is located in a government building which was formerly the book depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald hid on the sixth floor among boxes of books and (supposedly) assassinated the President.  Strangely, the rest of the building is still used for regular old business.  Just the sixth floor is the museum. 

It was pretty fascinating especially if you are a person who is interested in history.  My parents had seen it before and they said it wasn't boring the second time.  When you arrive you are given a head set and a narrator guides you around the museum to look at displays with pictures, videos, and other information.  There are mini theaters for longer videos. 

Outside the museum you can walk around Dealey Plaza where people were watching the presidential motorcade.  You can also speak to crazy conspiracy theorists who camp out there all day talking their crazy talk (although I admit the different theories are interesting...the museum covered many possibilities).  There is an X on the spot where it happened and I went out and stood on it like a tourist.

You can't see them but there were quite a few people visiting the site that day taking similar photos.  This is still a open street in Dallas and I bet people who live around here find the street very annoying and most likely avoid it.  Fortunately, it was pretty quiet on the streets on Sunday afternoon!

Here is a view of the plaza with a huge museum in the background.  We didn't have time to see much because it was almost closing time but that place looked beautiful from the outside! 

They flight on Monday went smoothly.  The major complication was that I had to wear my mom's boots home because mine wouldn't fit (hers had zippers).  Yikes. 

I made it home on Tuesday and was very happy to be there. 

How cute is he?!  Haha...

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