Sunday, January 29, 2012

Laundry Room

I had no idea that he wanted to do this until just recently, but Justin has been thinking about redoing the floor in our basement laundry room for awhile.  It was not awful, but not great either.  There was some old, discolored linoleum covering the area that always looked kind of dirty even if it wasn't and made you feel like you should wear shoes down there.  We covered some of the area with carpet scraps. 

I was hesitant to start this endeavor because all the experience I have with tearing out linoleum has been unpleasant and involved scraping.  The hours I spent scraping carpet pad that was glued to our bedroom floors when we moved into this place is not far from my mind either, even though that was more than two years ago! 

Oh cumbersome size makes me out of commission for jobs that involve prolonged hands and knees activity so this project was all Justin.  

It came up pretty well in one evening so that part wasn't so bad...

The new covering is vinyl that looks like wood. The pieces come in long planks and they are thin and flexible kind of like linoleum.  For a low budget floor covering, I think it looks pretty good!

This is the inside of the storage space under the stairs...we have filled this area up with crap from floor to ceiling!  You normally can't even see the floor so take a good look!

All done!  I respectfully shot an angle that didn't reveal Allan's bathroom area (behind the freezer). 

Another shot of the storage room...

He worked on it all weekend and finished around 4 this afternoon...what a whirlwind project! 

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