Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Back!

It has been quite awhile since I have contributed anything here!  I have missed it!  Life has been really crazy and I have been travelling around since before New Years and living out of a huge suitcase that contained my whole maternity wardrobe.  My car has looked like a bag lady lives in it.  But I have finally arrived home.  I have not, however, settled back in because I have alot of crap to unpack...I am almost tempted to throw it all away!  HA!  Everyone knows that won't happen...I am not exactly a minimalist...

Anyway...we spent the weekend watching NDSU play in the FCS championship game in Frisco, TX!  Oooh this was a fun weekend.  I have never been to Texas and I love seeing new places so that was exciting without the game.  Justin drove with his cousin and two friends.  They left on Thursday night and arrived the next day after a 16 hour drive.  I flew with my parents and we left Friday very early in the morning and arrived at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport around lunchtime.   

Here I am in the back of our rental car while we were waiting for my aunt and uncle to arrive.  I wouldn't have shared this picture except that I look huge in it.  Everyone thought I was crazy to fly because there is a consensus that pregnant women are not supposed to fly, expecially during the later months.  There are concerns about blood clots, swelling, and the change in pressure causing the onset of labor.  I talked to the doctor about these things and she said it was OK for me to fly so I got a note in case anyone gave me any trouble at the airport and headed up in the air!   

When we arrived at our hotel (which was full of NDSU and SHSU fans but wasn't the main headquarters for the alumni activities such as the pep rally and dance on Friday night) this truck was parked in front.  I added this picture because, although I couldn't enjoy my belvoed Bud Light, everyone else sure was enjoying themselves because the hotel ran out of beer at the pep rally, and so did many of the restaurants and bars in the area.  Any of the midwestern favorite domestics (Miller, Bud Light, Coors) were the first to go, followed by the Mexican beers like Corona and Dos Equis.  Soon all that was left was a beer called Victoriana or something.  It was pretty crazy and I was pretty jealous of all those happy people!  

Notice my boots...those are my beloved Fryes, which were supposed to be part of my western outfit for Friday.  I wore them on the plane and now realize, that although my feet and ankles don't look swollen, something is really going on with them because those boots did not feel the same!  Getting them off and back on for airport security was an ordeal and even the calves felt tight.  They are going in the closet until further notice!   
Here is a shot of the pep rally.  It was a huge ballroom and was so packed you could barely move in there.  This is supposed to show the marching band and cheer team. 

We finally reunited!  In this photo I am wishing I had cuter clothes to wear (specifically NDSU clothes).  I had to have a last minute wardrobe change because my original outfit was based around the boots and that wasn't happening. 

After the pep rally we went to a few bars around the hotel.  This was all located in a magical, upscale neighborhood with tree lined streets still lit up from Christmas and New Years.  On Friday it was 70 degrees so everyone was mingling outside.  It was really fun.  As the evening progressed I started crashing due to the whole waking up at 3 a.m. to catch my plane and then being packed into crowded places with drunk people and having my uterus brushing against strangers every time I moved.  That feeling makes me cringe for some reason.  I think it is because the skin is so tight and also it just makes me self concious to be so big.  So, in this picture I look happy but was was actually ready to fall asleep. 

Tailgating was crazy.  There were so many Bison fans there that it felt like a regular game day at home except with more excitement.  While Friday felt like summer, Saturday was pretty cold with highs in the 50's and this temperature wasn't reached until the afternoon (the game started at noon). 

It was kind of strange to tailgate with a rental car and to not have all of our usual amenities!

 More tailgating...the only bad thing about the morning was the bathroom situation...it was pretty desperate!  I'm glad I wasn't drinking alot of beer.

As you probaby heard or saw for yourself, the game was won!  I couldn't believe it!  I didn't know what to expect and SH was very hyped and also undefeated!  UNTIL NOW CLOWNS! 
There were security guards situated around the field to prevent the winning fans from rushing out but people started jumping over the railings anyway until they finally opened up a gate.  I think there was concern that we would take down the goalpost or something but that didn't happen. 

Just when this celebration was happining, the sun came out after the skies were overcast through the day.  There was confetti spraying into the air and the usual celebretory atmosphere the band played and the team took it all in.  It was quite an  experience...I am glad we were there to see it in person. 

After awhile the players came onto the field to talk to people and celebrate with their families.  My mom made my cousin and I pose with this star player who I won't name in case he or someone he knows searches for him on Google and comes across this and thinks its creepy!  I love this picture!  I told him that my mom always refers to my unborn child as his name because she is a fan...haha.  I'm sure he thought it was wierd but who cares!?

This game was on ESPN 2 so many people were watching at home.  During the game my brother texted this photo.  He spotted Justin and company on the TV and paused it and sent us a still photo!  Haha! 

Justin is in the yellow and his friend Aaron and cousin Ryan are to the right in the green.  

Also, my mom was spotted in a photo from a photographer's website.  On closer inspection, I saw my cousin in the lower left corner and my dad standing with his head turned.  Of course, it was copyrighted but you can see it my clicking on the below link...it is number 37. 


This is getting pretty long so I will do a continuation tomorrow with some other Dallas trip highlights!

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