Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long Awaited Nursery

Before I start I have to appologize for the outrageous typos that have been in my posts lately.  I hate when there are typos and I usually proofread everything...even casual emails so when I scrolled back through my last few posts before this one I was kind of embarassed.  My excuse is that my computer battery is shot so often I type as fast as I can if my computer is not plugged in.  I promise to change my ways. 

Since this baby was announced back in July/August people have been asking, well I should say WOMEN have been asking, if we have nursery theme or decorating ideas or if  have assembled the nursery yet.  I have been thinking about it and looking at Pinterest and at bedding sets and cribs online for months without committing to anything.  Also, it was hard to work on a baby's room when I wasn't here.  Well, here I am, I will be 36 weeks along as of my appointment tomorrow, and we are finally getting ready.  The crib is in transit and according to the tracking number, it is out for delivery in Bismarck as of this morning.  I hope it comes soon so I can leave the house!  I don't want to miss this delivery! 

I painted the room light aqua, one of my favorite colors, when we moved in here and that is how it will stay.  It took forever to find some baby bedding that I liked but I finally succeeded and I liked in person as much as I did online.  I should add that although I refer to "I", Justin has not been completely uninvolved in this.  He said he would like brown accents with the aqua and there are brown accents.  Also, he has been involved in the crib process which was so confusing and irritating that he finally said "just pick something" which was exactly what I was thinking.  Crib reviews are all over the place.  One reviewer says a certain crib is cheap and low quality and another says it is a fine piece of furniture that has held up through multiple children.  One says the stain of the wood looks orange and fake and another says it looks beautiful and natural.  One says assembly was so easy that a solo pregnant woman could do it and others said that the directions and assembly were impossible.  So I finally just picked one and hopefully it turns out!  It is on the way from Amazon. 

Here is a little preview...of course I will debut it all at once when it is all together...assuming that happens before the baby comes! 

These vallances came with the 9 peice bedding set.  The backlighting from the morning sun makes it hard to see but they are brown with owls and trees on the printed part.  We ordered those blinds and they were delivered yesterday.  We already had those curtain rods from the half-a$$ed curtains I sewed for that room two years ago.  I was too lazy to line them and they are now very faded.  Oh well...I envisioned myself making curtains for this room but the fabric selection at Bismarck's two chain fabric stores is less unique than the baby sets you can find at Target (the only place in town to buy baby stuff besides Walmart, it seems!) so the Interet was a better option.  Also, I don't like making curtains.  I hate the precision of measuring and knowing that they should be lined and not wanting to line them and making sure both sets are the exact same length. 

These cute kitten pictures are from old calenders that my mom always has in her kitchen.  She has for years.  I always give them to her for Christmas.  They fit in a special frame.  I usually would never pay full price for a calender but one year we waited until the 75% sale after the new year and the only calender left that fit in the frame featured paintings of Civil War battles.  The cat paintings are by an artist named Lowell Herrerro.  Another cheap decorating shortcut by me...I think they are so cute though!  I love the one on the top right with the kitten in a baseball hat!  There will be other things hung on the walls as well but I am not sure what yet...

So that's what's happening here! 

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