Sunday, September 25, 2011

NDSU v. U of M

NDSU tailgating is generally a fun time and a place where you run into people to talk to everywhere you turn.  When the weather is lovely there isn't a better way to spend a day.  This weekend NDSU played the University of Minnesota for the third time since 2006.  It is always an intense game for NDSU and a matter of pride because in the days leading up to the game the media and coaches are generally disdainful and never take the game seriously.  The U of M is in the Big 10 Conference but has been bad at football for years so I don't know why they are so surprised when they lose to us!  Haha suckas!  Blow this game off!  Then see what happens!

In the past the game has been at the Metrodome but recently the U built a beautiful new outdoor stadium.  The parking lot situation is limited since the stadium and campus are in the middle of the city so NDSU set up the tailgating area at the state fairgrounds and everyone took shuttles to the game.  It was quite a thrill to approach the huge parking lot and see the gold and green flags flying!  It seemed like there were more people at this tailgating than at home games.  The main drawback was waiting in line for the toilets (I spent wayyyy too much time doing that and I wasn't even drinking beer!).  Wow, I thought those lines would never end.  I always wonder what people do in there for more than 90 seconds.  For the love of God that should be the longest anyone stays in those things. 

I ran into so many fun people.  There were many KD alums there that now live in the Minneapolis area.  I love how I can run into those girls and we can talk like we did years ago and it is still the same.  Also, my uncle and sixteen year old cousin Kendra found us in the masses!  She is the blond one between Andrea and I.  It is not especially noticable but I am really taxing the seams of that t-shirt...we were supposed to wear green to stand out from the U of M fans, who also wear gold.  I recently bought a larger gold shirt and decided to get by with what I had for one last game.  I remember worrying about looking like I had a beer gut or looking pregnant in the past, sucking my stomach in for pictures, and favoring loose and flowing shirts for nights when I would be eating and drinking alot.  Wow, now I realize I had no need to worry during those years.  That bloat was nothing compared to real pregnancy! 

Here we are posing in that beautiful new stadium...after we WON!  Hahaha I hope you are feeling confident for your Big 10 schedule now MN!  It was an amusing game.  There was a delightful interception and touchdown right before halftime that had everyone going crazy.  Toward the end there was another interception that ended in a touchdown and a mass exodus of maroon and gold fans who had given up.  They left that new place to us so we could gloat and pose for pictures like the one shown above. 

Yeeeeahhhh....24 to 37!  That wasn't even close!  An interesting brother in law (Justin's step-brother whose family can be followed in the blog "Our Life" on my list") is an engineer for the company that designs and installs electronic displays like that and he had a hand in desinging that beast of a scoreboard.  It is huge.  Look at it compared to the goalpost in the left hand corner. 

It was a weekend that I wish had lasted longer.  Everything flew by.  The hours of tailgating were over in no time at all.  We ladies did alot of shopping and every time I looked at the time I thought "already"?  I am exhausted though.  Lugging around this extra weight is alot of work when you are on your feet all day. 

Hmmmmm...I can't wait to go to my job tomorrow and stare at pages of corporate drivel all day....At least next weekend is Homecoming so there is more fun in the future!

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