Sunday, May 15, 2011


I am spending the weekend at my house, it is Sunday morning, and it is beautiful and sunny.  Unfortunately yesterday was cold and it rained all day, which foiled most of our plans for the weekend.  I had plans to spend the morning doing some outdoor oriented volunteer work with other young lawyers and that didn't work out.  Justin had an appointment with a tree cutting service to remove some dead and overgrown branches in the back yard and that didn't work out either.  After that, we were going to do some planting which of course didn't happen. 

When I was returning from my volunteer work I noticed that there were a few rummage sale signs on light poles and street corners...and I couldn't help myself!  I went home and told Justin of my plan and he wanted to come sale shopping too! 

Rummage sales can be very successful or they can be a huge bust.  Sometimes I wonder why the people even make the effort to set up the sale for the crap that they have out when they could just as well donate it or throw it.  Also, many sales are nothing but baby and kid oriented items which would be right up my ally if I had a kid.  There are ALOT of outgrown baby clothes out there in the world...

This reminds me of the rummage sales my mom, aunt, and grandmother used to have at my grandparents' house when I was younger (as elementary school young).  Between my mom and aunt there are 4 girls and 1 boy born within 6 years.  That first year there were mountains of girls clothes that had been saved through the years.  (My brother's contribution was sparse because his clothes were generally destroyed.  He spent alot of time crawling around on the floor with tractors and diving after balls in the grass as a child).  We girls had quite nice and gently used wardrobes, however, and a nice young mom of daughters showed up that first year and scored a haul.  She returned to the subsequent sales and I was glad my clothes were being appreciated.

Yesterday was surprisingly successful.  Early on we stopped at huge garage.   Most of the doors were closed because of the cold and rain and when we walked in we were pleased to see that it was all dishes and knick knacks as opposed to kid merchandise and adult clothes (adult clothes are something I walk right by unless I spot something Bison related or a wool sweater that my aunt could use for crafts).  Justin spotted these unused cross country skis in the corner and found them to be priced at $10.  They are wood as opposed to synthetic materials and the brand is "Normark".  It says "made in Norway" at the bottom.  We looked online later and they appear to be a unique item that cold be sold for quite a bit more that $10. 

We are not going to sell them, of course! We will probably hang them on the wall or something! When I win the Powerball and buy a rustic log ski-in/ski-out chalet at Big Sky they will look really nice there!  They are very long!  As you can see in the picture they are taller than the door frame!  I can't imagine maneuvering around in the snow with those!

At another garage, I found that light yellow bowl, just sitting with other dishes like it was nothing special.  I recongized it right away as Fiestaware!  Oooh, that was an exciting find.  I am always on the lookout for it and have seen it at thrift stores a few times but never at a rummage sale before!  That Christmas tree is hard to see but it is a napkin holder.  It was 25 cents and I love Christmas decor and especially Christmas trees so I thought I might as well buy it. 

At the same garage where we found the skis I spotted that owl napkin holder (yes, two napkin holders in one day!  Very odd!) and mug set.  I find owls to be cute and amusing so I was drawn to it right away.  Justin was opposed but I prevailed and we left with the skis and the owls!  If he gets really tired of looking at it on the table I thought I could use it for organizing mail or files at my desk.   

Hello, wise old owl!  Haha!

Hopefully we will be able to get some flowers planted today and if we do there will be pictures!  It will be something to look forward to for the week!  Haha.  I bet you are on pins and needles. 

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