Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Hello and happy Mothers Day to anyone reading this who is a mother!  Allan already called me and told me I was the best human mom he knows.  Ha ha ha.  Last year I made a very nice post with pictures of all the mothers in my family and nothing has changed since then so I will refer you back to that post for some nostalgia.

 I did see my mom, Justin's mom, and one of my grandmothers over the weekend. Saturday was our nephew, Blake's, 4th birthday party. It was held in Grand Forks at the steaming, sweltering sauna also known as the hotel pool area.  It was fun for the kids.  The party was at what used to be a Holiday Inn, and the pool area has a pirate/shipwreck theme and a pretty big waterslide, at least for a hotel.  Our wedding was at that hotel, almost four years ago, so it brought back some memories! 

The birthday boy after sliding down one of the small slides.  This picture is pretty bad but the rest were worse.  The lighting was strange and none of the kids I tried to take pictures of wanted to look.  I don't blame them.

Blowing out candles!

Cousin Cayson was in attendance. 

So was Cousin Jack!

I visited the farm over the weekend.  Andrea and Jake came on Saturday morning and it was a lovely warm day and I got to see Jake's newly discovered swimming skills.  Here is is getting ready to plunge into the water to get his ball!  When he jumps in he does this funny pouncing thing that is quite hilarious. 

He is a maniac.

He looks like a werewolf!

My dad's shop is progressing.  When I arrived on Friday there were trenches criss crossing the yard.  The time for wiring and plumbing has come!  I have to mention that there is a machine that makes those trenches...they would be hard to dig!  The were about 12-18 inches deep. 

Wally is a huge cling-on sometimes.  He loves attention!

Justin helped for awhile today while also entertaining Jake's never ending compulsion for play.  There is no end to the "fetch" that dog can play. 

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