Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Computer Issues


This post is not going to be anything special...I am having computer problems!  AAAahhh...this is the worst.  Yesterday afternoon I was nonchalanty surfing the Internet when everything started getting really slow...then a pop up that looked like a legitimate windows virus program appeared on the screen and told me that my hard drive was unstable, etc.   I know not to trust anything I didn't put on the computer myself so I didn't do what it said and instead tried to restore my computer to an earlier setting.  It was the strangest thing...all the icons on my desktop dissappeared. 

The restore point I chose worked and my desktop looked normal and the Internet was working again.  However, something strange is going Internet "favorites" list is now empty and I also just realized that my picture folders are empty!  However, the pictures are still visible when I open my camera software.  Ugh...what a mess.  I generally can figure out how to fix these things myself but I have no idea what is going on here...So I appologize for any lack of posting in the next few days!

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