Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Strange Weeks of May

I always thought the last week or two of May felt weird, although not really in a bad way.  The end of May just has strange atmosphere.  In school, you can tell the year is almost over as things start to slide.  In the afternoons in high school, many students were often missing for the last class or two of the day because baseball games and track meets were in the daytime instead of at night.  No one wanted to do any work and lunch was always some weird combination called "cooks choice" also known as cleaning out the freezer.  The school wasn't air conditioned so during May the windows were usually opened and you could hear what was happening outside which could be pretty torturous when you had to be inside.  I will never forget when, as a senior, there were ten days left of school and our English teacher announced that we were going to read "Animal Farm".  Oh, the complaining that ensued that day!  I'm sure our teacher rolled her eyes so high they almost got stuck like that.  I really didn't mind.  It was never a hardship for me to read a book although finishing one in a short time seemed unlikely.  Sure enough, the lesson plan was efficient and we did indeed read Animal Farm as our senior year waned.  In college class ended in the middle of May so there was a lag in summer before everything really got started (for me that meant babysitting and lifeguarding) and I ended up sitting around at home and talking with my friends from college on MSN messenger.  I got so excited when I heard that little "blurp" noise which meant someone was talking to me!

Now my days and seasons run together in an endless monotony and these old memories only come up because I have seen a lot of graduation and end of school year stuff on social media.  Also, Ben has a preschool graduation on Friday so you can look forward to hearing all about that next week!  "Graduation" is a loose interpretation of what is going on, since he is only four and is not starting Kindergarten next year and will be going to the same preschool but it's all just for fun I guess.  We parents love cute moments to share on social media!

Here is me at my preschool graduation which took place in 1988 ( I think...math + me = whaaaaat?)

The dress was sewn by my mom.  That parallel-ness (not a word, I know)  of that ribbon is pretty nice.

Something else strange has happened this week.  Two days ago I noticed a pink iris in our row of irises.  

We have never had a pink one before and as you can kind of see, the pink stem is coming from the purple bunch.  Apparently a stray tuber was in the bunch when our friend who gave us these divided then in her own yard.  I wish we had more (we will have more if we split this one!).  It is so unique! I have rarely seen a pink one.  

Finally, Allan wanted me to tell you something.  Our neighbors got new flooring and Al wanted me to let everyone know about his new modeling career.  

He is so dignified on the side of that van. And, yes, the window is splattered and gross.  It's the window behind the kitchen sink so give me a break! 

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