Monday, May 2, 2016

Baby Milo on the Mend

The NFL Draft was last week starting on Thursday.  It has been big news around here because of Carson Wentz and I was looking forward to using every type of screen and technological distraction under our roof to occupy the kids so I could watch on Thursday night.  Well, the best laid plans...

On Wednesday evening after Milo woke up from his nap he had a fever and crusty eyes (all three kids have had coughs forever) so Justin took him to the walk in clinic where we discovered that he had low oxygen levels.  After a nebulizer treatment they didn't improve so he was admitted to the hospital.  Yeah seriously.  I still can't believe it and think about what might have happened if I did what I tend to do when the kids display signs of viruses and wait it out and not go to the clinic because they always tell you what you already know and it ends up being a waste of time and stresses everyone out.  We were there Wednesday night and Thursday night. He had improved a lot by Thursday evening but had to show that he could sleep without extra oxygen.  He had a nose swab which ruled out pneumonia and RSV so they think he had adenovirus which manifests as a cold in healthy kids and adults but can escalate in babies.   

He was pretty happy during the stay and slept surprisingly well.  He didn't like the bottles from the hospital but we brought some from home and that helped him eat.  There were a few tense moments when he was having his nose suctioned and when he was given eye drops but those things are minor.  After brief glimpses of the other families in the hospital I feel fortunate still that we were able to walk out of there after a quick stay. 

Here he is on Friday morning when we were waiting to get discharged for several hours.  I was sure happy to see his face without the oxygen tubes!  We had to wait for the healthcare accessory store to send over a nebulizer.  Now we are in possession of this: 

Behold the cutest nebulizer ever made. 

Here he is yesterday afternoon feeling like himself again!

On Friday Justin took the two older kids to the farm and I had a quiet weekend at home with Milo.  While everyone was busy in the field on Saturday my mom took Ben and Tessa to the Shrine Circus, that beloved tradition that comes to town this time of year.  We used to pile on a school bus on a Friday with a few dollars in our pockets for food and a cheap circus souvenir of our choice.  The next week we wrote carefully drafted thank you notes to whichever area business donated our tickets.  For whatever reason the circus is not a field trip anymore although every kid still gets a ticket that they can use on their own.  It's still too bad the kids don't get to go as a class though.  That was always really fun...for the kids...the teachers might have a different opinion!

Ben even went for an elephant ride!  He was the leader!  I read that the big Ringling Bros. Circus is no longer going to use elephants and I guess I think that's a good decision.  After reading the book "Water For Elephants" I don't see the circus in the same innocent way I did before. 
So anyway, stay tuned for my draft recap in my next post.  I did watch the first picks on Thursday night but I wasn't able to focus long since the nurses came in to give Milo his treatments and then one helped me give him a bath.  Since I was home alone on Friday and Saturday I was able to make up for my lack of attention on Thursday by watching the draft ALL DAY on Saturday.  The NFL Network guys were even getting bored with it by the 7th round and were playing a game on social media where people tried to stump them with obscure players to see if they had video footage of them in case they got drafted.  So they were carrying on about that and not even talking about the people actually getting drafted. 

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