Thursday, May 12, 2016

That Seems Fair

Something I have learned during the last, oh, I'd say year of having two kids of the age where they kind of know what is going on is that you always give them the exact same thing.  There is no taking one shopping and buying them candy or a piece of clearance junk and coming home without the other one not figuring it out.  I learned this when I bought Tessa a pack of Minnie Mouse erasers from the dollar aisle at Target last fall while Ben was at school but didn't get him something equivalent.  I didn't hear the end of it until we went Target and got him the same pack of erasers but with Paw Patrol characters.  Then they fought over those.  And it goes on...and on...and on...constantly about everything. 

Today we were at the Y and when I went to get the kids from child watch they had several of these very neat watercolor balloons being played with around the room. 

Yes, that is our couch.  A balloon ended up at our house because one of the women at the Y told Ben he could bring a balloon home because he was whining and dragging his feet about leaving.  She seems to always pay special attention to him and always says he is a good listener (yes, seriously).  I had reservations but Tessa didn't seemed phased as we left.  Well, once the door closed behind us she realized she wasn't taking a balloon home too and started wailing about wanting to take a balloon home all the way through the lobby and across the parking lot.  I did feel bad because it really wasn't fair.  An older lady of the snowbird variety (there are lots of those around the Y during the morning hours!) started fussing over her and I said she was sad because she didn't get a balloon like her brother.  So what does the lady do but give her a dollar bill?  Jeez!  Completely unnecessary but very sweet. 

I didn't think she would really understand the implications of getting a dollar but she sure was attached to it all afternoon.  She took it with her to her room for her nap and woke up with it still clenched in her fist. 

Pretty cute...and yes, once Ben realized she got "a money" he started whining about that because he likes to put money in his bank. 

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