Thursday, May 19, 2016

Garden 2016

Now that it seems the weather has taken a turn away from frost we accomplished the once enjoyable task and now big hassle of planting our garden.  Once again, we are using an older woman's backyard plot.  We know her through a co-worker of Justin's who uses the neighbors plot.  It is our third year gardening at her house.  I prefer it alot to the community garden where we always had scumbags stealing the best looking vegetables.  It is done but not after spending an hour trying to stop Tessa a.k.a Paul Bunyan stomping across the state of MN from running through the plot and stepping on everything.  She managed to break the leaves off several tiny onion sprouts before we made her sit in the car.  Just when Ben is now mature enough to understand proper garden behavior she has to step up and take his place.   

Ben was so good!  He brought his tractor with a digger attached to the back and dug most of the time and he was very helpful when planting carrots although there might be a few dense areas where he poured a huge handful of seeds.  He was really excited about the carrots because there is a Curious George episode where George plants carrots.  Now the kids think we be picking vegetables the next time we go there.  Not quite yet, children, although those plants will be producing before we know it and soon I will be trying to pawn off zip lock bags of tomatoes and grocery bags of zucchini on every  person I encounter. We have flowers purchased to, which have already had to spend a few nights in the house.  Hopefully they will be planted this weekend.  I'm still having nightmares about the fully operational ant hill that I found in a flower pot when I started digging in it last year.  

Here are a few pictures of the kids from this week. 

Am I the only one who sees hand prints on the wall?  Ugh what a mess.

This is Milo yesterday.  When Ben saw him he said, "I love Milo, he looks like a farmer!"  

Milo has been kind of fussy so of course, as I do when any of my kids are out of sorts during the first two years of their lives, I am blaming it on teething.  I have discovered that putting his glowing seahorse in front of his face instantly stops him from crying.  He's been so cute lately.  He rolls and army crawls all over the place.

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