Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I remember when Ben started really using words.  His first real word besides Mama and Dada was "kitten" but the first work he really loved was "ball".  I'll never forget pushing him along the aisle at Walmart and passing that huge cage of balls and he said "ball ball ball!" so of course I bought him one and he proceeded to say ball 300 times a day for the next few weeks. 
Look at how little he is in his little baby one piece outfit!  That is the ball that I infamously forgot to put away  and then it blew into the street and was run over by a car.
 I have been waiting for Tessa's first favorite word.  She says Dada and "Mama mamamamama!" and also kitten but she now has a favorite and that is "baby".  She says kitten and baby all day long.  There are pictures of kittens on the wall in her room so as soon as she wakes up in her crib she is saying "kitten".  And over the last few days she has been saying "baby" all the time.  I think it is because I call her baby.  When she sees her dolls she says it and when she sees a baby on TV she says it.   She really drags it out and makes it many more syllables than just two sometimes!

Here she is with her "babababeeeees". 

It won't be long before the words start coming fast!  I'll miss her baby talk!

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