Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Got My Tickets!

Yesterday, I joined millions of Americans in the almost always pointless, complete long shot ritual of heading into the neighborhood convenience store and buying some chances at the Powerball.  If you haven't heard, the jackpot is the largest it has ever been, which I just saw in the news is now 500 million dollars! 

Nothing captures the imagination the way winning the lottery can.  When I was working, the group I worked with, about 10 people, would occasionally buy tickets together when the jackpot got huge. Fantasizing about what we would do if we won was a great way to pass the afternoon.  I have a Pinterest board devoted to the mountain lodge that I will buy in the event that I win the Powerball. 
So, after tonight, I will probably start the process of obtaining this lodge.  Here is a sampling from my Pinterest board:
I could live with this!
Very nice...
oh man, I want a chairlift in my ski chalet
How perfect...
mountain side hot tub
Yes please!
OSM | Architect: Van Bryan Studio Architects |  High Camp | Exterior | Location: Big Sky, MT | Description: Completed in 2008, this 11,000 square foot stone and timber home is adjacent to a Moonlight Basin ski run. #mountain #home
Very rustic...
Dishes for ski cabin Rustic Lodge Style
I have considered every detail! 
I let the machine generate my numbers.  I hope it wasn't a mistake not choosing my own!  I don't buy tickets very often since the price increased to $2 instead of $1 but I used to have some preferred numbers of birthdays and such. 
Good luck everyone! You still have a chance at the $1,000,000 for matching all but the powerball and many smaller prizes!

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