Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Pictures

Around this time last year, I decided to make Tessa look all Valentine-y while Ben was napping since we have these cute red kids chairs and also I found a Valentine's bib in some hand me downs that we received.  Of course, the inevitable happened during the second photo:
It's hard to see but she is in the act of spitting up on the bib.  Oops! 

So the rest of the pictures were just of her looking cute.  She was really a baldy back then. 
I see cute buntings and garlands everywhere (and by everywhere I mean Pinterest) and I have wanted to make one since Ben was a baby but I never have.  To my delight, I saw a kit at Hobby Lobby this week which consisted of pre-cut flags and letters and it even included the twine which, after the standard 40% discount, cost in the $3.00 range. I assembled the garland that night and taped it to the wall in the kitchen yesterday morning. 

As expected, the posing didn't happen easily. 

I was able to get both of them to sit for a few minutes fortunately.  Don't they know I paid $3.00 for that bunting and spent 20 minutes putting it together!? 


This was the best I could do for both of them.  I wish they would have smiled!  I have so few pictures of them smiling!  I should know by now that staging pictures of them together rarely works. 
Silly little kid...


So, if anyone (grandparents) needs a seasonal computer wallpaper, here you go! 

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