Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Break from the Coat

So this happened yesterday.

I usually find weather talk to be mundane unless it is regarding a crazy blizzard or tornado or something but the temperature being 52 degrees in the middle of January when it is usually below zero for a high is pretty crazy.  This has been going on for the last week so the snow is gone which can mean warmer temperatures for awhile because the bare ground absorbs heat (or something).  Yesterday I was excited all day to make our return to outside play now that the days are getting a bit longer and Tessa can walk! 
Well, I hustled us all outside as soon as Ben and Tessa woke up from their naps, thinking that they would be giddy with glee.  Well, the whole experience was nothing but a bunch of whining and mud. Waaa waaaaaa.   
We started in the back yard.  I thought Tessa would be so interested in being outside that she would be happy to play on the deck but she immediately went down the stairs and started crawling (not walking) in the crusty ice layer in the shade of the house.  I decided to move the party to the front of the house so we could play with some riding toys.  Tessa ran down the driveway and slipped on the ice crust in the gutter (our house faces north so the sun doesn't hit our driveway very long this time of year).  Then I put Tessa in Ben's favorite car and he got all possessive and didn't want her in there.  I got him to push her for a short time and took a picture.  It looks like a good time but it really wasn't.  I make a lap around the circle and she liked it but Ben dragged along behind us being crabby. 

Then I suggested he ride his "bike" (riding toy with four wheels and no petals) and he screamed "NOoooooo" and Tessa started crawling around on her knees again.  So after about fifteen minutes I put a stop to it and inside we went. But at least I had the chance to feel 52 degrees for a while before normal January comes back again! Actually, I kind of missed the snow for Ben.  If he's going to be outside it is better to have clean snow to deal with instead of mud.'s a picture of Allan. 

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