Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tessa at 15 Months

I missed the actual day, but Tessa's 15 month doctor's appointment is tomorrow so that reminded me that I should observe her being 15 months.  It's a doctor's appointment month so I guess it is kind of like a milestone, right? 

She is a very busy little baby these days.  She climbs on everything and loves to sit on the kitchen table.  At first this freaked me out but as the weeks pass and she proves that she won't dive off the edge I have given up and let her do it.  Fortunately, she hasn't figured out that the dining room table is equally accessible so it remains one of the few kid free oases in the house.  And yes, that word refers to an oasis.  I just had to look up the plural of oasis and this is what it is: oases.  It looks weird. 
She is saying some words, mostly kitten, baby, ball, book and read.  She loves to read and as soon as you sit down she is launching a book into your lap and saying her version of "read!" She also kicks back and looks at books on her own.  Today when I picked her up at the Y she was lounging in a bean bag in the reading corner and looking at a book.  Some days when I get there she has been sliding down the toddler slide head first so that was a change. 
She is good at following directions and will put something in the garbage can if told, will bring an item to me or Justin if we tell her to and if you say, "lets have a snack" she practically sprints through the clutter to get to her high chair.  If you talk about getting dressed she runs down the hall and comes back with handfuls of shirts from her drawer. 

She likes babies and one of her favorite "books" at the moment is a Carter's catalogue that came in the mail because it has pictures of babies in it.  She also loves to climb into her baby swing (which I think we can finally put away.  One less piece of clutter in the crap capitol of ND...)

Here she is trying to share a book with Al.  He's very interested in learning colors. 
She still looks like a baby because she still has baby hair!  I see other girls her age with full hairstyles and wearing ponytails and barrettes.  I don't mind though.  Once the baby look is gone it is gone for good so I am just going to enjoy her cute baby appearance while it lasts!  Styling a toddler's hair is a task I am glad to avoid as long as possible. 
I look forward to her appointment tomorrow as I do all of them, and especially because there are no shots this appointment.  It is fun to see growth and progress although I know she is pretty small for her age at least I know it's not because she doesn't eat like her brother at this age. 

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