Sunday, April 6, 2014

The 10th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday

I was my birthday a few days ago, on the 4-4.  I have always liked that my birthday month and day  were the same number.  I still can't believe that it didn't even dawn on me back in 2004, when I turned 21, that it was 4-4-04.  How did I miss that?  Oh yeah, I was because I was so excited to be 21 that I didn't care about any details.  FINALLY!  No more arrangements to be made with a buyer to get some beer, no more watching my friends head off to the bar.  I was at the younger end of my class so I was one of the last to turn 21.  I will never forget the youthful energy I felt during that spring and summer after I turned 21.  I had a lot going for me and the possibilities were endless.  I hope I can feel that way again some day but I probably won't because you can't get your early 20s back. 
Ahhh...the carefree glow of 21 year olds...
I had Justin take my picture with the babies on the 4th since my shirt and Tessa's coordinated.  She planned it.  Haha. 

Justin went out to rent some movies from the Redbox and came back with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  It's hard to see but it has my name on it.  That is one huge cake for two adults and one toddler to eat but we are up to the challenge when it comes to ice cream with oreos in it!

Ben is saying "Cheese" excessively in the picture which is why he looks so ridiculous.  Tessa is very worried about that cake. 

I also had an Edible Arrangements bouquet delivered to my door from my parents/mom since I'm sure my dad didn't have much to do with it!  Sorry Dad!  The first to go were those chocolate covered ones. 

So it was a perfectly nice but bland "mom in her thirties" birthday.  It was nice and I am glad it's over.  And now I am 31.  When I turned 21 I drank in a bar every day for ten days after my birthday.  It's safe to say that won't be happening at 31.  I already missed two days! 
Also this weekend, I took some pictures of Ben and Tessa.  Ben's pictures are going in their own post later.  I saw this funny picture idea on the Internet so I thought I would try to take my own "baby in a cup" picture. silly and a bit weird but also cute because she looks like a miniature baby! 
I also dressed her in the dress I bought her in Mexico to take some pictures.  It sure looked cute but it was hard to get on because whoever designed these little tourist bait dresses did not think about putting a slit with a button in the back or anything so she was not very happy with me!

Very photogenic!

And one oddball because she is cute...

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