Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cute Pictures and Nothing More

I feel like I am not taking as many pictures of Tessa as I did of Ben.  The main reason is that I can't have the camera just sitting around within reach anymore because Ben will try to play with it.  I still think she is the cutest thing and I always think, "I will take her picture in this outfit when I get a chance since it's so cute and it won't fit her forever!" and then pretty soon the outfit is soaked in drool or something.  So I made an effort last Friday to take a few pictures of her in a cute outfit while Ben was sleeping.  
Unflattering angle!  She should enjoy it while she still looks cute with two chins!

Awwww...she's too cute...
I also feel bad that I am taking fewer pictures of Ben but that is because he won't sit still for two seconds so I can take the picture and if he is sitting still he won't look at the camera or has his hand shoved in his mouth or is doing some other unphotogenic thing (such as sucking on a pink pacifier).  So here are a few recent pictures of him anyway.   
Having fun eating rasperries.

Playing with Tessa. 

I told him to look at me and he thought I wanted to see Mack instead.

It's so cute when they play together!

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