Monday, April 21, 2014


Easter has passed, and it might have been the nicest, most spring like Easter ever in the history of North Dakota.  I was trying to remember an that not only as snow free, but also had a daytime high temperature of over 70 degrees and where I felt comfortable wearing sandals or a skirt to church in the morning.  Nope...can't remember one.  I think the next nicest I can think of was in 2006.  It stands out to me because I took a lot of pictures that day and there is still a Facebook album from it way back in my archives. 

I was excited to take a lot of photos over the weekend and then like the space cadet that I am I forgot my camera.  So all I had was my phone camera and my phone, like my life, is full of excess and digital clutter and has so much music and so many pictures on it that I kept using up all my storage.  It seems like I delete music, I clear the photo album and put the pictures on my computer, I clear space and before I know it the thing is full again.  I didn't have a computer to clear it on to so I had to use other people's phones and send the pictures to myself. 

This was taken after church. 

Baby's first Easter!

Ben had an exhilarating weekend of almost non-stop outside time.  His clothes were filthy but he was a happy boy. 

On Saturday we each took one kid.  I took Tessa to Fargo for two baby showers for babies that are already born. 

Here is Tessa with my cousin Katie's daughter Lauren.  She was born on March 30th.  The other shower was for baby Leah, who is my dad's cousin's daughter.  She was born five days before Tessa in November.  It's hard to imagine that she is in the same generation as me and is my second cousin! 
Meanwhile, Justin and my dad took Ben to Grand Forks.  They went to an Easter party and egg "hunt".  Hunt would be a very liberal description since the hunt for Ben's age group of two and three year olds was this:

Yes, what you see is a large convention hall with hundreds of eggs strewn on the floor.  When the hunt started, it was a free for all and everyone just picked up all the eggs they could.  Some of them had coupons for special prizes like bikes and toys in them but Ben just picked up eggs with candy inside. 

I have some other exciting news...I am getting a piano!  Well, not a traditional piano.  Every time the possibility or even idea of a piano is brought up Justin freaks out about the idea of moving a piano.  This piano is actually a clavinova which is a digital piano that has a special design to the keys that makes them feel like a real piano.  It also has all kinds of crazy settings and features so it can sound like almost every instrument you can imagine, from a pipe organ to a steel drum.  You can record yourself paying and speed up or slow down the tempo and you can o crazy things like play duets with yourself by recording one part and then playing along with it.  Most important, it is very light!  And the legs are removable so transporting it is easy!  It is coming from my parents' house.  They bought it for us (my sister and I, the only piano players in the family since my brother did his one year penance like many boys did before they were allowed to quit) and I was the one who played it the most.  They have wanted me to take it for years but I have wanted to wait until I had space and I kind of wanted a real wood piano since I don't have much use for all the crazy settings on the clavinova.  I finally decided to take it since what am I waiting for?  No need for it to sit and collect dust so I can play it every once and awhile while I am visiting.  We were going to take it yesterday but our vehicle was too full.  So next time...

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