Monday, April 7, 2014

My Buddy and Me

All of you of a certain age (late 20s or older) who ever watched TV have to remember the commercial for the "My Buddy" doll.  It was a DOLL marketed toward BOYS, which was a bizarre thing for the 80's and for the history of the world.  I don't know which boys actually would have wanted this doll and no boy classmate of mine ever had one (that I knew of.  They might have not admitted that they played with a doll when they weren't pretending to be Michael Jordan and playing with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).
You all know it..."My buddy, my buddy, wherever he goes I buddy and me!"
Ben does not have a "My Buddy" doll.  I don't know if they make them anymore.  It seems pretty quaint and simple compared to most of the toys marketed toward preschool and elementary school aged boys today.  The reason I thought of him at all was because Ben has his own favorite toy buddy of the moment and he has consistently been attached to it for almost two weeks now.  His buddy is Mack, the red semi truck from the Disney movie "Cars". 
At the Y daycare there is a "Piston Cup" semi from the movie, which leads me to believe that you can purchase every obscure car from the movie, including the ones that never talk or are mentioned at all and that you only see for a few seconds.  It is navy blue and he always plays with it.  There might have been a minor fit thrown when he had to leave it behind one day.  I told Justin about how he was attached to this one truck from "Cars" at the Y and when I was in Mexico Ben got a present:

It is just like the one at the Y except it is Mack, the main truck in the movie!  He's cute.  It looks like he is wearing a trucker cap!  His trailer holds a toy Lightning McQueen.  Now Mack and McQueen  go everywhere with us.  Ben brings him to his room when he naps and goes to bed for the night. 

This particular Mack lucked out when Justin plucked it off the shelf at Target or WalMart or wherever it was because now he gets to sleep in a bed and gets to be someone's best friend!

Ben is quite protective of Mack.  A few nights ago I was trying to shovel yogurt into his mouth while he was playing and a spoonful accidently dropped on Mack.  He looked horrified and started crying!  I made sure Mack got a bath a.s.a.p. 

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