Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Washed In the Fountain

Does anyone remember that old Sunday School song which I reference in the title?  It is from "The Family of God".  Tessa joined the family of God on Sunday, January 12.  Coincidentally and not planned by us, January 12 was also the festival of the Baptism of our Lord on the liturgical calendar so the whole service dealt with baptism.  How fitting. 

Tessa wore a baptismal gown that I wore, which my grandmother made for me and embroidered with traditional Norwegian needlework.  Of course, being a bodily fluid spewing baby, she only was allowed to wear it during the service.  My aunt gave her this cute white velour suit trimmed with lace so she wore that for her "lounge" outfit before and after church. 

We had her baptized at the church where Justin was baptized and where he went his whole life.  Since the baptism of our Lord officially ends the Christmas season on the church calendar the decorations were still up so I think the pictures are really nice. 

Ben was pretty good during church.  My mom may have resorted to electronics to entertain him for awhile and his Uncle Kirk spent some time in the nursery and running around in the entry with him but it could have been a lot worse.  He even "listened" to the children's sermon with his cousins. 

Here are the sponsors.  They are my brother and his wife, Pete and Melanie, and our friend Andy. 

Tessa has three great grandmothers and they were all able to be at her baptism. 
Four generations! 

Tessa with Nana Mary and Grandpa Larry.

Tessa with Grandpa Tim and Grandma Cindy.
We took some group family photos.  The thumbnails were so small that I couldn't see which one was the best since no large group photo can ever be perfect.  If you want copies of these photos, don't worry...I will send some emails with various shots!

Then it was time for lunch and cake! 

I love the cake picture!  She sure is cute.

Tessa was surrounded with love for the day!  And, I should point out that she soiled almost everything she wore, including two white onesies, her sweatsuit, and two casual outfits with some combination of pee, poop and spit up.  Fortunately, the baptism gown got lucky and escaped clean!  What a relief! 

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