Thursday, January 16, 2014

Resolution Time

"Resolution Time" is not only the name of this post, but also the name of a board I have on Pinterest.  Recently I realized that I hadn't pinned anything on "Resolution Time" since...oh...January of 2013.  It has articles about exercise, some cute workout clothes, and recipes for things like this "anti-bloat" water that has lemon slices, mint leaves, cucumber and ground ginger root floating in it. You are supposed to drink a pitcher of it every day throughout the day and I admit I actually did drink it.  It wasn't bad but I got sick of the ginger floating around.  It felt kind of gritty.
Sassy Water
Mmmmm...How refreshing that looks!  I almost feel my pants getting looser just looking at it!

So, here I am in January of 2014.  I admit that I am not immune to the optimism of a new year.  It was kind of delayed for me since I had the disappointment of missing Frisco bombarding me in every direction for the first few days of January.  However, once I got the Christmas decorations put away and especially when Tessa started sleeping through the night on the night of January 5th I was ready to go.  I decided that I was going to stay on top of the horrific situation in our house and not let it turn into a toy filled junkyard within hours of Ben waking up.  I was going to spend every nap time being productive the WHOLE time and not just part of it.  I was going to deal with the last of the unpacked boxes, one of which is full of my costume jewelry and is sitting on our bathroom floor for some reason and has been since September.  I was going to have our days be more structured, with more interactive playing and fewer episodes of Thomas and Friends and Bob the Builder while I read articles on the iPad or screwed around on my phone.  Maybe I would, oh, I don't know, play music instead of having the TV on as background noise.  I would finish Tessa's room so the framed pictures and letters of her name that I planned with a specific lavender and navy blue scheme were on the wall and not stacked on top of her dresser. the next morning I was sitting with glazed eyes drinking some sort of caffeinated drink and scrolling through some article about the Chris Christie bridge scandal (and NOT looking at the GAP clearance pages or Facebook or Babycenter...really I promise...) while Ben was stumbling around a room so littered with toys that you couldn't see the floor and tripping so the teddy grahams in his dish went flying all over the floor which he ate them off of an I didn't care or do anything about it.  And here we are, two weeks later, and Tessa's room still isn't put together even though she has spent several nights in there and the box of costume jewelry is still on the floor of the bathroom and there are always toys all over the floor as soon as Ben wakes up. 

And then there is the fitness related aspect of resolution making.  After just having a baby and being declared "back to normal" by the doctor recently I have been looking forward to getting back to the Y to exercise and just to get out of the house.  You can't bring babies to the drop in day care until they are eight weeks old, which Tessa turned last Friday.  So on Monday, after a big mental pep talk to myself, we headed off to the Y.  The most nerve wracking part for me was the idea of getting from the vehicle to the door, since the parking isn't always very close and I knew it would be busy all the time because of resolutions.  I have always carried Ben across parking lots but now that is not very easy.  We made it to the door somehow and the daycare workers were glad to see us again and Ben started playing like he had never been away from there for two months.  So I was optimistic and felt invigorated by my short workout. 

The next morning I decided I would leave them there a bit longer so I could go swimming and take a shower and get dressed afterwards.  Aahhhh...such a luxury.  So off we went, even though there was a high wind advisory.  I practically had to drag Ben across the parking lot because the wind was distracting him while I was trying to balance my bag (after using the same tote bag as my swimming bag for five years, I think it is time to switch to a back pack!) and Tessa's car seat on the other arm only to arrive at the daycare, sweating already, to find that the baby area was full and would be for a long time.  There were several annoyed looking mothers with babies waiting ahead of me and while I was getting the details, Ben started playing with some trains and threw a mini fit when I had to take him out of there after a minute because the wait was too long.  When we got home I went right to the shower since I was wearing my swimming suit and needed to get dressed for the day and the whole time Ben was saying "Mama! Uh-Oh!" and shoving his toy combine header around the curtain because he wanted me to re-attach it to the combine right that second. luxurious. 

I know I shouldn't give up, but that morning was not fun or relaxing or invigorating and I am almost afraid to try to go back there again.  I honestly don't know if it is worth the trouble.  Inevitably it will get less busy as the weeks of January pass, as all gyms do, so I suppose I will have to face it if I want to get back in shape because the whole "who needs a gym?" mindset where you use workout dvds or youtube videos and household items like soup cans and milk jugs has never worked for me. 

So that's how my resolutions have gone so far!  Hahaha.  What a bust. Why do positive ideas just crash and burn so fast? I can't be the only one who does this. 

And in case you are interested, here is my "Resolution Time" board on Pinterest.  In the event that anyone is craving de-bloating water with lemons and mint leaves floating in it, that recipe is at the bottom of the page!  I know you all want some!

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