Sunday, January 5, 2014

Frisco Weekend

Unless you live under a rock (assuming if you are reading this that you live in my area or went to college with me.  If not, then I don't assume anything!) you know that there was a big football game in Frisco, TX this weekend.  It was all over the news and Facebook as thousands of NDSU fans travelled to Frisco, a suburb of Dallas, for the game.  NDSU was attempting a rare "3-peat" which they achieved yesterday afternoon and for the fans, Frisco is one big party.  I know because I was there for the 2012 game and the "repeat" last year.  I didn't go this year, after much dismay, mind changing and deliberation.  I would have had to drive, which would have made it a four day trip and I thought that was too long to be away from Tessa. (Ben,  wasn't worried about you!).  Also, I would have had to spend a lot of time pumping and the weekend is so crazy, with lines just to get into restaurants and bars and port-a-potties at tailgating, so finding a vacant bathroom stall to occupy for a pumping session would not have been an easy task.  Tessa is still waking up at night to eat and I feel like no one but a parent should have to deal with that for more than a night here or there. 

So, Justin took off on Wednesday evening for a road trip and I have spent the last four days going crazy watching everyone have a great time on Facebook.  I am not so jealous now that Facebook is showing many people hungover, exhausted and struggling to get home in this ungodly weather that is affecting most of the country but it was still hard to miss out.  And two needy kids in diapers are not the most compelling company when you need a distraction.  Somehow the weekend passed though, and here is what we did.

Ben got to have his new sleeping bag that he got for Christmas in the living room.  He loves to have Tessa lay by him on the floor which can be a scary thing that requires supervision.  He pats a spot next to him and says "babeee!" to indicate that I should put the baby there.  He also does this to indicate when he wants me to put her down in the swing or bouncer so I can play with him. 
On Thursday I dragged us all to Kohl's with our new monstrosity of a double stroller to check out the after Christmas clearance racks and hopefully find some Christmas pajamas for next year. I found Christmas pajamas and also a robe and a pair of pajamas with Thomas characters on them.  Both were size 3T so I intended to keep at least the pajamas put away for the future.  Ben was holding the robe in the store so I let him have it when we got home.  He put it on himself and wore it around the house!  He also slept in it one night.

He found the pajamas also.  To my dismay, he has figured out how to take his clothes off and came running up to me in his diaper holding the pajamas and insisted that I help him put the on.  He has been wearing the top and bottom together and separately all weekend.  I finally snuck them into the laundry last night. 

Here he is wearing the pants over his pajamas yesterday.  I am uneasy about how he can take his clothes off now.  I am glad he is figuring things out on his own and starting to like to pick out his own clothes but it also makes me nervous that he might start stripping when we are away from the house!  My mom and other people who knew me as a young child are laughing right now because when I was toddler/pre-school age I liked to wear weird stuff too.  For example, I would go out in public wearing two different colored shoes.  I guess I deserve this nonsense.  At least, as far as I remember, I kept my clothes on in public.   

Ben received this basketball hoop for Christmas from my brother and sister-in-law.  I saved it for this weekend so he would have a new toy to entertain himself with and possibly stay out of my hair for awhile.  I knew he would like it because he enjoys the one at the Y. 

I took the Christmas tree down (always a buzzkill and the perfect activity for a major buzzkill of a weekend) so the dining room table was still pushed to the side so I let him pay in there.  He was very interested in playing with it but the problem was that he wants me to play with him constantly!  Oh plan backfired!   

He has very good shooting form already!  Maybe he is a basketball prodigy!  Hahaha I guess time will tell.  Seriously, I hope he does like basketball because I like basketball! 

Here is Tessa in her Bison attire on game day.  My aunt made her that skirt. 
I was able to get a few pictures of them together in their green and gold.  . 

Ben loves to give her a pacifier.  He also likes to take her pacifier and put it in his mouth and throw a fit when we take it away.  He gave up the pacifier all on his own when he was a few months old and it was never a battle so this is really annoying because he doesn't really need it.  Hopefully he gets over this "baby" regression soon because I don't want him to become reattached to it and I am sick of washing the pacifiers constantly.   

I don't know why he puts his hand in his mouth as soon as he sees a camera these days! 
Tessa is starting to be more alert during the day and she is also showing signs of personality.  I caught a few smiles on camera this afternoon. 

So all of you that were in Frisco...good for you it looked really boring!  Hahaha.  Just kidding.  It looked like a great time. Oh well, I have a feeling there will be more chances to return there in the future.  Maybe not three years in a row again but there will be more championship games.  It would have been nice to get to some more moderate weather for a few days since we are in the middle of the worst cold snap ever right now.  I have lived in ND for a long time so saying "the worst" in the context of weather is usually a stretch but this actually might be it.  I have listened to the wind roaring outside all day and I only stepped outside briefly to toss something in the dumpster which is right outside the garage door.  I felt a gust of wind and slammed the door closed as fast as I could.  Yesterday I took this show on the road to Sam's Club because I realized that Ben as almost out of diapers and I wanted to get some before the weather really got bad.  It was only 0 with a wind chill of -20 and poor Ben's eyes were watering after just the quick run from the car to the door.  Now it is -14 with a wind chill of -39.  Yikes.  How horrible.  Although I am really bored with being around the house I am glad I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. 

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Dana said...

Your weekend was more eventful than mine. I refuse to leave the house. Also, when you have another baby the older two occupy themselves...for awhile and then you have to go break up the fights.