Sunday, January 19, 2014


Back in May of 2012 I made the letters of Ben's name to hang in his room. Here is the accompanying post. 
Look at that cute little baby!  After the afternoon we spent with him that little baby seems years away.  This afternoon he refused to nap and instead decided to spend the time in his room taking off his clothes and emptying his drawers, trying to climb his dressers (we are working on a solution to anchor the furniture to the wall because this is a very dangerous activity) and climbing a stack of storage totes in his closet in order to reach the empty hangers and throw them around the room.  Then he proceeded to spend the rest of the evening delirious and throwing one continuous fit about absolutely nothing.  Well...nothing is nothing to a one year old but I have no idea what most of it was about. 
I have wanted to make letters for Tessa since we moved here but we didn't commit to her name until after she was born and I bought the materials a week after her birth but just managed to do the project this weekend.  I took a bunch of pictures and here they are. This is all I am going to write because I have been up late and awake well before dawn all weekend and I have a dreaded "pre-cold" so my eyes feel all puffy and dry and I don't feel like looking at a screen anymore.  The first few photos don't have any letters...they are just cute!

Now everyone will know it's her room!

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