Thursday, January 23, 2014


Recently Ben has started to be interested in drawing/scribbling with pens and pencils that we leave around.  Mostly what he scribbles on is the little notepads that we have around the kitchen for grocery lists and such.  So last night, while at Target, I went on a classic Target tangent and bought something I hadn't intended to buy and didn't need...crayons!

I don't know if I should have given him crayons a long time ago or what other kids his age are doing but I'm sure we are late to the crayon game. 

Instead of giving him the notepads I went to the basement and unearthed a half filled notebook from my History 431 class which I took back in my last year of college.  There was also a note in there  from my friend about how hung over she was on that particular day when she stopped by my room and I wasn't there.  Hahaha I wonder what we did the night before?  The notebook is red which brings me back to my school days and how every subject had its own color of notebook and folder.  It started in elementary school, when we were asked to use certain colors for certain subjects and when we got into middle and high school and could use whatever notebook we wanted most people still stuck with the same colors.  I continued to do it even in college.  Specifically, red was for history, blue was for math, green was for science, yellow was for English, and purple or black was for whatever oddball class was left.  Usually it was for reading in elementary school and health or home economics or something in high school.  When I think back, reading didn't have a color since it didn't require a notebook because we usually read books and did worksheets and things like that so that was the class (my favorite anyway!) where I would choose a "fun" folder for my worksheets.  Of course, I chose something with a cat on it or something Lisa Frank.  Or even better...a folder with a Lisa Frank cat! 

I still see blue when I think of math and yellow when I think of English.  And neon colored bubbles and animas when I think of reading. 

I am not sure why I still have this notebook half full of history notes.  I suppose I saved it because it was only half filled.  Seeing it kind of gives me the urge to be in class filling the pages with lecture material.  And yes, that is a serious statement!  I really enjoyed my history classes.  And, in case you are wondering why we study history, here is an enlightening reason, right from the first page of the notebook!

-judgement (a social scientific rational)
-identity (a humanistic rational)
-blahblahblahblahblah  American frontier blahblahblahblah regional integrity and identity blahblahblah

Now Ben is de-filing all those wise and intelligent words with crayons. 

He likes to color/scribble but he also has been carrying the crayons around the house and loading and unloading them into and out of his trucks and tractors.  And he might have taken a bite out of the pink one... 

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