Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome Baby...Tessa Margaret!

This is the story of how we went from laying around the house napping at 3:00 p.m. to having a new baby at 8:19 p.m. on Friday.  Like I mentioned before, we had an induction scheduled on Friday and were told that we should call Labor and Delivery at 6:00 a.m. to check in before reporting there at 7:00 a.m. to get started.  We knew that there was a chance that our induction could be delayed if the floor got to busy but I thought we were good to go because I called on Thursday afternoon to check the status at the time since Justin's mom was coming to watch Ben. 

Well, I woke up on Friday morning at 5:45 and called and learned that several laboring women had arrived during the night and they didn't have a spot for us and we should call back at 10:00 a.m. if we hadn't heard anything.  It was a huge buzzkill but I still felt optimistic that it would be happening on Friday.  10:00 came and I called apprehensively, having a feeling that we would have heard from them first if they were ready.  And they weren't ready.  We ate lunch and then Justin decided to go buy a cover for our grill to distract himself and it was Ben's nap time and Nana Mary was doing some work and I decided to take a nap so I wouldn't be staring at my phone and so I would be rested since it looked like, if we went at all, labor would go into the night. 

Right before 3:00 p.m. the phone rang and it was Labor and Delivery!  They said to come in!  We were already packed and were in our room and took note of the time...3:23.  We were so ready to go!  The doctor confirmed one last time that the baby was had down with an ultrasound, my water was broken, and I walked the halls for awhile.  Then the Pitocin started around 6:00.  I had the "clear liquid" dinner of a lemon slush as the contractions started getting regular.  Then everything got crazy fast, the contractions intensified and I said I was ready for my epidural any time I could have it.  The nurse checked my dilation and I was at six centimeters so she went to call the anesthesiologist.  Then I really started having pain and contractions and started getting pretty impatient for that guy to get up there!  I was starting to lose it and he finally came and then he was really pokey and couldn't get the drawers opened on his rolling tool cart for some reason and then he didn't have the right needle and meanwhile I was having uncontrollable urges to push.  He finally was ready to go and the nurses stopped him, saying that they better check first since I was unable to stop myself from pushing during contractions and to my terror they said it was too late, I was completely dilated and...aaaaahhhhhh!  I was in a panic and then the doctor came in and said there would be a baby born by 8:30 and the digital clock on the wall said 8:09.  The room was full of nurses and I remember, in all the craziness, seeing the poor anesthesiologist standing in the back as everyone coached me through the pushing and suddenly a nurse asked if I wanted the baby on my stomach and then there was a baby blanket draped over me and someone said the head was out and then there was a baby! 

So, after planning an epidural free birth with Ben and having my plans change I ended up doing just that without even meaning to this time.  I think I can say that I am glad it happened that way but probably only because it went so fast and the pushing lasted about ten or fifteen minutes.  It was a very intense experience and quite empowering.  Also, she was "sunny side up" and came out facing up instead of down which contributes to a more difficult labor. 

As I was holding the baby after they cleaned her off and weighed her and did the initial screenings it became apparent that all was not well because (this might be gross to some...proceed with caution...) the placenta was not delivering.  Justin was taking pictures from waist up while I was still in a compromising position.  This picture, while not he prettiest, really captures the moment as the doctor tried to deliver it in the thirty minute time frame that I learned is the window they give before getting concerned. 

So, in the satisfaction and calm after the birth I ended up being briefly sedated with propofol so it could be removed in the operating room and I got to talk to my friend the anesthesiologist who was very apologetic about missing the window.  I was not mad at him anymore so we had a laugh.  This placenta complication can have some serious results such as needing a hysterectomy but mine was easily removed and I was awake and back in my room in thirty minutes. 

Oh...and now about what you all really are interested in...the baby!  We named her Tessa Margaret.  We hadn't committed to a name before she was born and had a few contenders and even were debating before I finally just said, "I think it's Tessa!" and we took the plunge.  She weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz.  and was twenty one inches long.  She seems smaller than Ben as a newborn from what I remember although with him I was really a week overdue and my due date was the 16th so she was right on time.  Her hair looked dark right away but as the days pass it is lighter and I imagine it will be the same color as Ben's eventually.  She has the usual dark greyish blue eyes that most newborns have.  She is just so cute and tiny.  Her little forehead was bruised from the face up delivery but otherwise she was perfect!

Justin stayed on the "dad futon" that night and went home to shower the next morning and returned with his mom and Ben.  He was confused to see me in the hospital bed and seemed a bit uncomfortable with everything.  Nana taught him to say "Tessa" and he is already really good at it!  He calls her Tessa or "babeeeee". 

He was mildly interested but was more interested in pushing all the buttons on the hospital bed exploring the room. 
After he went home to have lunch and take a nap we spent the afternoon watching the NDSU game and getting to know Tessa. 

Justin bought her this hat while he was out shopping on Friday afternoon and it got misplaced in the nursery!  The nursery laundry workers have a note to watch for it but these might be some of the few pictures of her in it. 

My mom and sister arrived that evening with Justin's step dad and they brought Ben this tractor set to entertain him at the hospital.  It really worked wonders for him to have a special new toy. 

The two babies!

We came home yesterday and so far it has been fine.  Tonight Justin has class so I will have a few hours alone with the two of him as a preview of what is to come as our guests leave and Justin returns to work.  It is rather terrifying! 

Here are a few extra pictures from my phone. 

On the way home!

Oh, and here is her birth announcement on the hospital website:

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