Sunday, November 24, 2013

1st v. 2nd

This weekend Justin took Ben to Fargo on Saturday morning to go to the football game and today they are going hunting at Justin's cousin's farm and visiting his grandma.  I have been here alone with Tessa and I have to say that this is the most relaxing weekend I have had in a long time.  I can't believe I am saying it but compared to a toddler a newborn is...yes I'm saying it...easy.  I have been able to get things done, take leisurely showers, eat candy and chips without having to keep them hidden from Ben, eat meals on the couch and leave my computer and camera and other electronics laying around without worrying about them getting ruined.  Even with the nighttime waking it has still been a nice weekend.  I felt like getting out last night so I took her to TJ Maxx and even that seemed easy.  That car seat sure is light with a newborn in it! 

I think my hormone levels are returning to a normal level.  I still get emotional over some things out of nowhere.  Last night when I drove by my old street I started really missing the old house and cozy neighborhood.  I know very well that if we were in that house I would be annoyed by the lack of space, insane baby clutter mixed with toddler clutter, the congested kitchen entryway where the high chair was always in the way and I would be sad that there wasn't a bedroom for Tessa upstairs.  I also get stressed at the idea of Justin leaving for work early in the morning and having a whole day ahead of me with two needy children.  At least he doesn't have class tomorrow night and it is a short week because of Thanksgiving. It will help me ease into the transition.  My parents were here Thursday and Friday so I still have to face a full normal week eventually.  Yikes!

I was thinking this morning about the indications that you have your second (or third, etc.) child.  A few things I have noticed:

-Like I said, a constantly sleeping newborn seems easy.

-When leaving the hospital they just sent you out the door without instruction about baby care, nursing, or anything else.  They basically checked the car seat and said "call if you feel like you need a lactation consultant!" and sent us on our way. 

-Using a pump is not scary.

-I was filling out the baby book yesterday.  I bought it a few weeks ago and was happy to see that they had the pink "girl" version of the same one we were given as a gift for Ben.  There are many pages that just are not applicable for a second baby.  For example, there is a page for my thoughts on "assembling the layette".  Haha.  Assembling the layette consisted of our moms showing up at the hospital with shopping bags full of outfits and me shopping the 80% off racks at Kohls this fall for summer outfits.  So, even though Tessa doesn't have a layette she does already have a 9 month sized summer outfit for the 4th of July!  It cost $2.80!  Also, there was a page for "decorating the nursery" with a section with a pretty large space where you could reflect on "choosing the crib" and "selecting the nursery furniture".  I stopped myself from simply writing "refer to Ben's baby book" and said something about how we gave Ben Justin's old childhood furniture so Tessa could have the nursery furniture.  I do remember a lot of angst over choosing the wood finish of the crib.  Now it is covered in teeth marks from Ben and that conundrum seems like not a big deal AT ALL!  Then there was the pages for baby shower guest lists and gifts and themes.  I could have just wrote a large "N/A" on those pages. 

Ah, the life of a second born.  As the oldest in my family I wouldn't know much about that.  My baby book is thoroughly filled out.  My mom used these calendars with stickers where you wrote about what went on every day in the baby's life.  Of course, not every day is filled in but it is a pretty good record of my doctors appointments, visitors, and outings and also includes trips to visit relatives and my dad's vacation schedule.  My sister and brother also have these calendars and my sister's is pretty well done and is a glimpse into our life when she was a baby.  I just looked at it recently because it was discovered while cleaning out a closet.  My brother's, however, is sparsely done.  At least we have it better than our grandparents.  My grandma Dorothy, the sixth child of seven, has no photographic evidence of her life before she had her first school photo taken in first grade. 

There are a few updates from previous posts in case you are interested.  You should be!  First, we found my jeans and other pants!  I tried a favorite pair on aaaaand...they don't fit...I will try again in a week.  Also, we never heard from the hospital regarding Tessa's pink NDSU hat.  Justin bought her a new one.  Here she is all dressed for the game yesterday.  She slept through most of it. 

That is a 3-6 month shirt.  It was huge on her.  The crotch snaps hung to her knees! 


Aleshia G said...

Came across this picture when searching for that pink ndsu hat :) whhhere did you buy it at?!?!

Maren said...

We bought it at Scheels!