Thursday, November 7, 2013

Breech Update

Yesterday morning I saw my doctor and talked about the breech problem and she said she would try to do an external version if I wanted to.  I had really mixed feelings about it since I read that it can be painful.  There is also a 1 in 1,000 chance that it can cause the placenta to tear which would mean an emergency C-section right away.  I was more worried about going through the pain and having it not work than that very small risk but I decided to do it anyway.

I was really preoccupied and nervous all afternoon.  Of course, I compulsively kept reading articles and internet message boards to see how other people's experiences were and I wrote to a friend from law school who recently had this done to see what she thought of it even though hers didn't work and she had a C-section.  It turned out very well.  The worst part was the anticipation and getting blood drawn and the "in case of emergency" IV tube because the nurses chose a few bad veins and, along with the injection of medication to relax the uterus, I ended up being poked with needles four times.   I have an angry purple bruise on my arm to show for it today.  The actual version was uncomfortable but manageable and I was able to see the baby turning on the ultrasound screen.  It took, at the most, two minutes and was successful!  I was so happy and in disbelief.  I had to stay for about two hours after and be on a fetal monitor to make sure the baby was fine and that was it!  The doctor said they usually don't go that well.

Today I have been feeling uncertain though, because I think the baby might have turned right back again.  I am keeping myself in denial about this but I can't deny that it feels like I am getting kicked in my side and not my ribs.  I hope I am wrong and maybe it is still head down and I am feeling punching in my side or something.  I don't know.  I am over all of this and want to just forget about it for awhile but it is hard to put out of mind when you feel it constantly. 

I realized that today is the 7th, which means Ben is 20 months old!  All along I have told people that he and the new baby would be 20 months apart and now that month has arrived!  I will have to take a picture of him later.  He looks like kind of a ragamuffin lately.  He really needs a haircut.  Hopefully I can get that done before the baby arrives. 

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