Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Three Ring Circus

This house has descended into chaos.  Here is a little recap of yesterday...

I came upon this scene in the bathroom...I said it was bath time and then went down the hall to get some pajamas out an spent a few minutes putting clothes from Ben's duffel bag away and when I went to fill the tub he had filled it already.  With the pillows from the living room.  I almost said "from the couch" but that would be a lie.  Since Ben has been able to climb on the couch on his own they are on the floor 99% of the time.  I don't even notice it happening.  They are just always on the floor.  He tried to launch one in there when the tub was filling but I caught it just in time! 

Here is Allan playing with a rather disturbing looking toy.  It is not any sort of dead animal.  It is a piece of fake fur that snaps around the hood of a coat.  I wasn't crazy about the fur and it has been in the box with the hats, mittens, and other winter accessories for years.  He found it when we were digging out some warm clothes for tailgating awhile ago.  The couch is cushionless and padded with a quilt because that is where I have been doing my inversion exercises. 
Speaking of a cushionless couch...if I had known how entertaining it would be for a one year old and a cat to take a sofa cushion and throw it on the floor and leave the couch multilevel I would have done it a long time ago.  Looking back, I recall my siblings and I spending a lot of time making couch cushion forts, stacking them and generally messing everything up when we were younger so I guess I understand.  I don't even care that it makes it look even worse in here to have such a high level of disorder. 
This morning we took the show on the road and added a third element to the crazy train that Ben and I create lately whenever we go in public and added a cat to the mix.  We took Allan to his annual vet appointment.  Since we adopted him he has only had to go to the vet yearly and never for any complications.  This year, all he needed was a distemper shot. 

Last night we took out his pet carrier so he could explore it and he enjoyed hiding out in there.  He must have already forgotten the trauma of the move and being trapped in it all morning during our closing chaos.  He cried and meowed a lot in the car but was quiet at the vet.  He was the only cat in the waiting room among several dogs.  Ben had a great time seeing all the dogs/"Wal-Wals". 
As far as the baby situation, I don't think it has turned.  I hope to get to the Y tonight to go to the pool and try some water exercises like head stands and somersaults.  I am a pretty regular lap swimmer so the lifeguards will probably wonder what I am doing.  I am excited though.  I spent hours doing activities like that with my friends in the pool when I was young.  In our minds we were glamorous and graceful dolphins and mermaids...with stringy, chlorine damaged hair, faded swimming suits and bad tan lines!

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