Friday, June 14, 2013

Industrial Accents

I have recently (as in the last few years) taken an interest in decorating and furniture that has an industrial aspect to it.  I have always like wierd old stuff but became more interested when I first saw a "Restoration Hardware" catalogue.  Then this fall I came across this series on the National Geographic Channel called "Abandoned", where these guys who own an antique restoration business scrounge around in abandoned factories, churches and schools try to find unique items such as furniture, tools, signs, and interesting parts and objects which they use to make other furniture.  Then they have to try to negotiate a price with whoever owns the abandoned building and they never want to part with any of it and instead leave it in there to deteriorate even more which always confuses me. 

This show really made me interested and I even made a Pinterest board called "industrial accents".

My dream industrial accent will always be an old library card catalogue.  I am surprised I don't see these around anywhere.  After all, every school and university in America has a library and most towns of a certain population have a public library too.  Until about ten years ago every library had a card catalogue.  We all learned to use it.  I also loved pulling the little card out of the envelope in the book cover and writing my name on the list and seeing which other kids had read the book before me when I checked out books!  Now you just type the name you are looking for into a computer, find the book, and they scan it and that is it.  There has to be many old library relics out there though.  One day I hope I encounter one. 

I stopped at a rummage sale this morning and this stool was sitting there in the driveway. 

An industrial accent!  And it is in great shape too.  It is very solid and stable because the little feet rotate like a school chair to hug the floor.  The wood seat is so smooth and the height adjustmnet mechanism works.  The metal pole under the seat looks like it might be rusty in the picture but it is actually a different color of metal.  I think the grey paint is worn off there and also around the foot rest. 
Justin is not going to be impressed with me bringing home furniture that we don't have room for but this is one item that I knew I would regret if I didn't take it.  It could be used for lots of things since it is adjustable.  On the lowest setting it could be used at a vanity or desk or even in place of a piano bench for the piano that I am going to get eventually when we have a bigger house!  Or it could be used as an end table although it spins so maybe that wouldn't work. 
Oh look, here is the Restoration Hardware costs $249.00. 
One more random thing...a book recommendation.  I have no time to read anymore (I used to read a book or more a week in the summer and now that is not happening) so when I do I get really worried about making sure the book is worth it.  I chose a book to read on my Vegas trip after reading many reviews and I have to suggest that everyone reads it.  It is called "The Son" by Philip Meyer.  It is a family drama set in Texas beginning in 1836.  It is much more substantial than "chick lit", a term which I hate but I admit I indulge in a book like that every once and awhile. This is definitely not in that category.  It is anything but boring even though it is historical.  Just trust me!  I insist that it will be worth your precious reading time!

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