Sunday, June 30, 2013

6th Anniversary

It is our the wedding anniversary today.  I looked up the traditional wedding gift for a 6th anniversary and the historical gift is iron or candy (huh? Those two things are completely different!) and the modern gift is wood.  How fitting. I think I will request the wood this year.  Specifically, I will request the wood in a form like this...

You don't even have to buy it!  Just make it available for us to buy for a reasonable price!  OK thanks!
Today we are going to have a pleasant afternoon of fun activities like golfing, having a leisurely dinner and drinks on a restaurant patio by the river somewhere or perhaps sampling beer from the new brewery that opened here recently then going to a movie...hahaha yeah right we aren't doing any of that.  Obviously I am on the Internet and Justin just got back from arguing about billing issues at the Verizon store.  Babies don't do well on golf courses, at breweries or in movie theaters.  It's OK though, we will be doing something fun.  In a few weeks I am going to Oklahoma City where Justin has to be for work for the week and then we will go to Dallas from there for a baseball game and some general sightseeing.  I leave July 17th.  Ben is not coming! 
We had the twenty week (actually more like 19 weeks) ultrasound on Friday.  And, although most people reveal the gender at this point, this baby is going to be a surprise!  Hahaha.  Everything was good.  Although you never know what the future holds it is reassuring to see limbs, organs and bones where they are supposed to be.  The technician had difficulty seeing some organs (each chamber of the heart, etc.) due to the baby's position so we will be going back for another ultrasound later in July.  The same thing happened with Ben and it was fun to get another ultrasound.  It sure is crazy seeing all that activity happening inside of you.  Based on the ultrasound my due date is November 21st.  Hopefully we will be out of the hospital by Thanksgiving which is the 28th this year!  If I go a week past the due date like before it could be a Thanksgiving birthday! 

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