Thursday, September 20, 2012


I think the weeks of trying to get Ben to eat baby cereal and food has paid off...the last two nights he seemed like he was actually consuming some of the oatmeal/fruit/milk concoction and there be tactful...evidence...during diaper changing time that indicates that there has been a dietary change.  Halleluiah.  At least now I know the daily sessions are more than a messy waste of time and food.  I am very glad that Gerber cereal only costs about $2.00 a box because about 95% of it has gone down the drain. 

Speaking of cereal, maybe you saw the news about how there is a warning about rice containing levels of arsenic worth mentioning.  The warning includes rice baby cereal.  Ugh %^*#@ what next?  It's always something with baby products!  This goes beyond just baby rice but still...

Have I mentioned that Benjamin is driving me crazy?  All day I keep him away from stuff and he really is interested in non-toys more than anything else.  This week he has pulled a bottle of wine off the wine rack in the kitchen (it didn't break), become wayyy to interested in my shoes that are always piled by the door and wants to put them in his mouth (eeeww), and is completely in love with any electrical cord or charger.   Yesterday he was in the corner of the living room and I heard a dragging sound.  He was grasping the leg of the six foot tall floor lamp with shelves built in and dragging it.  Who knows how this would have ended if I hadn't been nearby.  I can imagine the avalanche of picture frames tumbling down.  Also, after sleeping all night since he was six weeks old he has started regularly wakng up at night to eat.  Last night he was up at midnight, 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.  Ugh SERIOUSLY?  This better be a passing phase. 

Under the kitchen table is a popular place!
Who needs a soft play mat with dangling toys or a blanket when you can lay on a wood floor and stare at a table?
Aww...happy man!
Wearing the summer outfits a few more times!

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